How to Play Dead Island 2 Co-Op with Friends

How to Play Dead Island 2 Co-op with Friends

Dead Island 2 is a thrilling game that becomes even more enjoyable when played with friends. Team up with your buddies and get ready to slay some zombies! In this guide, we will explain how co-op works in Dead Island 2 and how you can play with your friends.

Dead Island 2 Co-op: The Basics

While the original Dead Island games allowed up to four players to team up, Dead Island 2 reduces this to three players for a more balanced and less chaotic gameplay experience. When playing co-op, each player can choose a unique character, also known as a Slayer, with different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. This allows for a diverse and well-rounded team of zombie killers.

How to Play Dead Island 2 Co-op Multiplayer

To unlock co-op in Dead Island 2, simply complete the introductory section of the game until you reach Emma Jaunt’s house in Bel-Air. Once you’ve gone through the cutscenes, you’ll leave for Halperin Hotel and unlock the option to play co-op.

Unlock co-op in Dead Island 2

When playing co-op, the host needs to navigate to the main menu, select Continue Game, and then choose the type of session they want to host. The available options are Single Player, Public, Invite Only, and Friends Only. Make sure your Game Type is not set to Single Player, and then start the game.

How to Play Dead Island 2 Co-op Multiplayer (2)

Once the session is set up, the host can either invite friends to a game or their friends can join the game by selecting Join Game on their menu and choosing from the available sessions.

How to Play Dead Island 2 Co-op Multiplayer (3)

It’s important to note that Dead Island 2 does not support cross-platform co-op. However, the game does have cross-gen support, meaning that PS5 players can play with PS4 players, and Xbox Series X|S players can play with Xbox One players. Only players with PS5, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and Xbox Series X|S can host sessions, while players with base Xbox One and PS4 models can only join a session created by someone else.

Additionally, all players need to be at the same story progress to play together.

Final Tips for Dead Island 2 Co-op

When playing co-op in Dead Island 2, keep in mind that the game’s connection is Peer-2-Peer. This means that the host needs to have a stable and strong internet connection for a smooth and enjoyable experience. If you are having trouble connecting, try joining from the Join Game option at the main menu.

With these tips in mind, you and your friends can have a blast slaying zombies together in Dead Island 2.

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