Starfield: A Tree Grows In New Atlantis Walkthrough

A Tree Grows In New Atlantis | Starfield Walkthrough Guide

The “A Tree Grows in New Atlantis” questline is an important side quest chain in the role-playing game Starfield. It takes place in the city of New Atlantis, which serves as the main hub for much of the story campaign. This multi-part quest focuses on investigating some mysterious changes occurring with the large central tree in New Atlantis.

Completing this quest chain not only provides narrative depth to the worldbuilding of Starfield, but also rewards the player with useful experience points and credits. The quest spans three chapters – “A Tree Grows in New Atlantis”, “Out on a Limb“, and “Late Bloomer” – each with their own objectives to accomplish.

A Tree Grows in New Atlantis Walkthrough

The walkthrough outlines the steps needed to successfully progress through each part of the quest and reap the completion rewards. From retrieving biosensors to acquiring rare samples, this quest will take the player across multiple districts of New Atlantis and beyond.

How to unlock the quest by talking to Kelton Frush

The first part of the quest can be initiated by speaking to a scientist named Kelton Frush in the MAST District of New Atlantis. He can be found under the large central tree that is the focus of the questline.

Unlock A Tree Grows In New Atlantis - Kelton Frush

Kelton will explain that he has noticed some strange changes in the tree’s composition and placed biosensors around the city to gather more data. However, he needs help retrieving the biosensors for analysis.

Agreeing to assist Kelton will officially unlock the “A Tree Grows in New Atlantis” quest and add markers to your map showing the locations of the four biosensors. Retrieving all of these and bringing them back to Kelton will complete the first stage of the quest.

Objective of This Mission

After speaking with Kelton and accepting the quest, your objective becomes finding all 4 of his biosensors scattered around New Atlantis.

The biosensors appear on your map as egg-shaped icons at the following locations:

  • Biosensor 1 – Near the central tree in MAST District
  • Biosensor 2 – By a pond and bridge in MAST District
  • Biosensor 3 – At the Pioneer Tower in the Residential District
  • Biosensor 4 – Sold by a child to Wen Tseng in the Commercial District

You will need to traverse multiple districts of the city to retrieve all the biosensors. The fourth one requires you to pay 100 credits to Wen Tseng to get it back.

Once you have collected each of the four biosensors, you can return to Kelton Frush under the large tree to complete this first stage of the quest.

Locations of the 4 biosensors

The four biosensors Kelton needs you to retrieve are distributed across various districts of New Atlantis:

Biosensor 1

This one is located in the MAST District near the central tree. Follow the path from the tree and look for the biosensor on the right side of a smaller tree along the way.

Biosensor 1 - MAST District

Biosensor 2

Also found in MAST District. Go to the pond near the bridge and locate the lone tree. The biosensor will be at the base of this tree.

Biosensor 2 - MAST District

Biosensor 3

Situated in the Residential District at Pioneer Tower. Look around the base of the tower to find this biosensor.

Biosensor 3 - Residential District

Biosensor 4

The final biosensor is in the Commercial District. After getting off the transit, head left up a ramp. Turn left at the top and speak to a boy named Jorden who has sold the biosensor to Wen Tseng at UC Distribution.

Biosensor 4 - Commercial District

Having to get one biosensor from Wen Tseng

When searching the Commercial District for the fourth biosensor, you’ll discover it is no longer there. A boy named Jorden reveals he found the biosensor but sold it to Wen Tseng at UC Distribution for credits.

To regain this crucial piece of equipment, you’ll need to visit Wen Tseng’s shop and pay her 100 credits. You can try negotiating but she won’t budge on the payment.

Get biosensor from Wen Tseng

Her store is located just past where you spoke with Jorden, down the ramp and across the pond. Interact with Wen behind the counter and select the dialogue option to purchase the “egg” for 100 credits.

Returning biosensors to Kelton for reward

After retrieving all 4 of Kelton’s biosensors from around New Atlantis, you need to go back and talk to him under the large tree in MAST Plaza.

Hand over the biosensors and Kelton will analyze the data, confirming his suspicions that something strange is occurring with the tree’s composition.

Completing this first part of the “A Tree Grows in New Atlantis” questline will earn you:

  • Reward: 100 XP & 2000 Credits (leveled amount)

With the biosensors returned and data analyzed, Kelton will have additional jobs for you related to the mystery of this tree. This completes the initial chapter of the quest.


The “A Tree Grows in New Atlantis” questline spans three detailed chapters of objectives revolving around the mysteries of New Atlantis’ large central tree.

By assisting xenobotanist Kelton Frush, you’re able to help unravel why the tree’s composition has suddenly changed. Each section takes you to new locations across the city and beyond.

Completing this side quest chain rewards the player with:

  • Experience points after each chapter
  • Leveled credits after each chapter
  • Narrative depth to the worldbuilding and lore of Starfield

With persistence through the multiple steps and tasks, you’re able to get to the bottom of the tree’s odd behavior. Resolving the situation not only aids a fellow scientist, but also contributes to the prosperity of New Atlantis.

This quest is an excellent example of the rich side content that can be found when exploring the worlds of Starfield.

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