Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Queen Gibdo Boss Fight

How to beat Queen Gibdo in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Conquer the Thunderous Queen in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with our expert guide, mastering each phase and earning valuable rewards along the way.

Are you ready to conquer the Lightning Temple in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? To complete the Regional Phenomena main quest in the Gerudo Desert, you’ll need to defeat the formidable Queen Gibdo, who awaits you at the pinnacle of the temple. Brace yourself, for she is one of the most challenging bosses in the game. But fear not, brave adventurer! In this guide, we’ll provide you with valuable tips and strategies on how to emerge victorious against the relentless Queen Gibdo.

Key Highlights

  • Prepare for the Battle: Stock up on arrows and hearty meals, and acquire a mirror shield for an easier second phase of the battle.
  • Confronting the Thunderous Queen: Dodge Queen Gibdo’s charge attacks and tracking sand beam. Look for her weakened state and unleash melee attacks while avoiding tornadoes.
  • Unleashing Chaos: Destroy the Gibdo hives with explosive arrows and focus on Queen Gibdo. Use beams of light to render Gibdo enemies vulnerable. Beware of increased tornado count.
  • A Desperate Struggle: Prioritize destroying the purple flowers on four pillars to eliminate flying Gibdos. Utilize Riju’s Electric Field ability or Bomb Arrows. Follow strategies from previous phases and wear fully upgraded armor.
  • Rewards and Conclusions: Victory rewards an additional Heart Container and unlocks Sage Riju’s avatar, granting access to Riju’s Electric Field ability. Completion of the main quest signifies the end of the Regional Phenomena storyline.

Prepare for the Battle

Prepare for Queen Gibdo boss fight

Before engaging in combat, it’s essential to ensure you’re adequately equipped for the encounter. Stock up on plenty of arrows and bring along some hearty meals to maintain your health during the intense fight. Additionally, we highly recommend acquiring a mirror shield to make the second phase of the battle more manageable. Once you’re fully prepared, it’s time to face Queen Gibdo and emerge triumphant!

Phase One: Confronting the Thunderous Queen

Queen Gibdo's arsenal includes summoning tornadoes, spitting mud, and charging relentlessly at Link

As you step into the Lightning Temple, Queen Gibdo, a colossal version of the vexing Gibdo enemies, will unleash her wrath upon you. Her arsenal includes summoning tornadoes, spitting mud, and charging relentlessly at Link. In her normal state, Queen Gibdo will initiate a charge attack, swiftly approaching Link head-on. Swiftly dodge to the side to evade any damage. Another attack to watch out for is her tracking sand beam, which leaves you with limited options for evasion. 

Utilize Riju's Lightning Strikes to weaken Queen Gibdo

However, there is a window of vulnerability when Queen Gibdo can be attacked. Utilize Riju’s Lightning Strikes or other elemental attacks to weaken her. Keep a keen eye out for her transformation into a white, which is a weakened state. This is your opportunity to strike back with melee attacks but beware of the tornadoes she conjures to defend herself. Dodge the tornadoes while unleashing all your might upon her. The majority of this phase resembles her previous encounters outside the temple.  

Strike back with melee attacks

Phase Two: Unleashing Chaos

Upon reaching half of her health, a captivating cutscene will mark the transition into the second phase of the battle. Queen Gibdo becomes even more formidable, incorporating a diving attack into her repertoire. Moreover, the Gibdo hives surrounding the arena will release their minions, threatening to distract you. Prioritize destroying these hives with explosive arrows to keep your focus on the Queen.

Phase 2 of beating the Queen Gibdo Boss in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

While obliterating the hives, take advantage of the beams of light that render the Gibdo enemies vulnerable. They dare not tread into the light. Once the hives are reduced to rubble, resume your one-on-one duel with Queen Gibdo. The mechanics of this phase closely resemble the first, where dismantling her armor is crucial to landing potent blows.

Beware, however, as the tornado count has now increased to five. Press on with unwavering determination, and when Queen Gibdo’s health dwindles, victory will be within your grasp. The Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Temple Boss will be vanquished.

Phase Three: A Desperate Struggle

As you enter the climactic third phase, the room transforms with the appearance of four pillars adorned with purple flowers. Flying Gibdos emerge from these pillars, aiding their Queen in a final, desperate attempt to thwart your progress. The ensuing chaos demands your utmost attention and skill. In our experience, prioritizing the destruction of the purple flowers on all four pillars proved effective. Utilize Riju’s Electric Field ability or Bomb Arrows to swiftly eliminate these hindrances. Destroying the pillars also restores sunlight, anathema to the Gibdos, to the room. 

Utilize Riju's Electric Field ability or Bomb Arrows

During this phase, keep a vigilant eye on Queen Gibdo’s movements and evade her attacks. Engage in relentless combat against the flying Gibdos, ensuring they won’t reappear after the destruction of the purple flowers. Although the battle will test your resilience, remember to equip fully upgraded armor to minimize the damage sustained. 

Phase 3 of beating the Queen Gibdo Boss in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Having weathered the storm, the final part of the battle entails following the strategies employed in the previous phase. Employ Riju’s Electric Field ability to weaken Queen Gibdo and gradually chip away at her health. With determination and perseverance, victory will be within reach, and the Thunderous Queen shall fall.

Rewards and Conclusions

Emerging triumphant against Queen Gibdo comes with great rewards. Link will be bestowed with an additional Heart Container, empowering him to withstand even greater challenges. Furthermore, he will unlock the avatar of Sage Riju, forging a bond with the Sage of Lightning and granting access to Riju’s Electric Field ability throughout his epic journey in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Rewards of beating the Queen Gibdo Boss in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

With Queen Gibdo’s defeat, Riju’s Gerudo Town’s main quest will reach its conclusion. This also signifies the end of the Regional Phenomena’s main quest, paving the way for the next phase of your adventure. Whether you tackle the remaining temple bosses or embark on new quests, the lessons learned from overcoming Queen Gibdo will undoubtedly fortify Link for the trials that lie ahead.

Note that, the strategies provided in this guide are based on personal experience and may require adaptation depending on your playing style.

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