Xbox One X’s 40% faster GPU offers 100% resolution boost over PS4 Pro?

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro graphics analysis

Xbox One X has been on the market for five days now, and we have seen a number of of game graphics analyses. These analyses clearly show that even though the One X GPU is “40% more Powerful than any other console,” it is capable of delivering resolutions twice as high as the PS4 PS4 Pro.

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro Graphics: Up to 100% Higher Resolution

Xbox One X specifications have been known for a few months as Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry released the official information from Microsoft back in April. Now specs show the One X to be around 40% more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro, at least in terms of graphics. So you would expect the new console to deliver between 40% to 50% more pixels on the screen, but it seems like it over-delivers on the promise.

If you watch Digital Foundry’s recent analyses of a couple of games then you will come to know that the Redmond’s new gaming machine is actually more powerful than the specs portray it to be. From what we have seen so far, there is a clear indication that the Xbox One X can deliver up to 100% higher resolutions than PS4 Pro.

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Let’s move to performance numbers. Starting with Assassin’s Creed Origins, the game uses dynamic resolution scaling on both consoles. On PS4 Pro, Origins runs at resolutions between 1700p and 1350p, whereas Xbox One X averages between 2160p (full 4K) and 1650p. That means you get roughly 44% to 96% better resolution on the One X.

Next up we have Wolfenstein 2. The game runs at 1440p on PS4 Pro, although it is still using the dynamic scaling as it does on Xbox One X as well. The difference is the Xbox One X version is 2160p, which is a 100% resolution boost, or in other words, twice as many pixels on the screen as Pro has to offer.

Another one is The Evil Within 2. On PS4 Pro, this game runs at 2240×1260 while achieves 3200×1800 on Xbox One X — that is 2.8 million pixels versus 5.7 million pixels, respectively. So we’ve got another 100% resolution boost.

Finally comes the just-released Call of Duty: WW2. This game is also using dynamic superscaling on both consoles. As confirmed by VGTech, the resolution on PS4 Pro ranges from 1640×2160 to 960×2160. The Xbox One X version, on the other hand, ranges from 3840×2160 to 1920×2160, thus offering a resolution boost of 50% to 100%.

There you have it. Now the question is: how does Xbox One X manage to offer 100% more pixels on the screen while featuring a 40% more powerful GPU than the PS4 Pro?

It all comes down to Optimizations

If you remember, Microsoft previously talked about a great deal of customized work it had done to the processor of their mid-generation console. In terms of CPU, there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference as the One X offers only 10% higher clock speeds compared to the PS4 Pro. The main advantage actually comes in the GPU department.

Xbox One X GPU vs PS4 Pro - 100% resolution boost

Apparently, the Xbox One X GPU is well-optimized for the software. The Redmond giant worked with developers to build hardware around the software. They looked at their graphics engine pipeline and tried to get rid of any bottlenecks they could find. Of course, they didn’t eliminate all of them, but it seems like it did work for them.

Xbox One X is clearly capable of delivering much higher resolution, and remember these are the very first patches for the console. The developers haven’t yet got their hands properly on the hardware development kit so you can only expect the performance to go up from here.

Also, don’t forget about the 4K textures. Xbox One X offers a lot more memory bandwidth—around 50% more compared to the rival console—and that may also be a factor behind its higher resolutions.

It will be interesting to see how One X deals with other games in that regard. There are tons of game analyses coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned to DigiWorthy for more updates!

(This article is taken from a video posted by MaDz Gaming YouTube channel.)

  • kreator

    There’s no power greater than X1X

  • Jrocker23

    Loving this console

    • starscream1180

      yea its quite nice i didnt think the differences were gonna be that noticeable.

  • jay bot

    PS4 is about to curbstomp that ass. What until the hype wears off in a month! Don’t disappear, Xtards! Own it!

    • 1000

      I kinda think that it’s more likely that the hype will INCREASE as more and more games start to use all the power that the X1X and the PS4Pro have now. Or you can continue to live whatever fantasy you’ve placed yourself in.

      • XterminatorbotMK1

        Speaking of fantasy land.

        How many games are enhanced for the Xbone X?

        It’s funny how Microsoft drones are all about power and are ignoring how only a handfull of games have been enhanced. The vast majority of current gen games that haven’t been enhanced run better on the Pro.

        This is beside the fact that the Pro is cheaper and has far more games.

        • ShowanW

          i have 25 Enhanced games so far… some as many as 50-60 games…
          There will be over 100 Enhanced games by end of November alone (according to Xbox team)

          Actually every multi plat Enhanced or NOT enhanced run better on xbox one x

          • J.j. Barrington

            Every multiplat doesn’t, though.

          • ShowanW

            Even the small blip on Titanfall 2 (which was fixed) runs better on One X.

            Every multiplat that is NOT patched runs at its fullest framerates on One X
            With no drops.

          • J.j. Barrington


          • Shi’a at

            Agreed! Every game that I have put into my drive so far has looked and performed better. Thats even games that have not been patched.

        • starscream1180

          theres an enhanced games section in the xbox store its over 60+

          both consoles have an insane amount of games so comparing libraries of games is kinda dumb considering if you are a functioning adult you should barely have time to play a few games at a time, not a solid arguement but its the only arguement you guys got.

          the no games comment is kinda dumb , all these “no games” running close to or at 4k …lmao

          keep hating boo , sony gamer in an xbox article #commonsense.

        • jojo319

          I think it’s pretty telling that the Sony fans need to use words like “Xtards” and “Microsoft Drones” to get their point across as opposed to open debate.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Sony fans? So you’re going to claim all Sony fans do this, and then talk about open debate?

          • jojo319

            Nope! Not claiming all. Just the few previous comments I read in this thread. I just think anybody who uses the terms loses all credibility instantly. On both sides.

          • Shi’a at

            Well I am a Sony fan but I am more an Xbox fan. If anyone comes across looking like an a$$ its generally Sony (only) fans. The PS4 had nothing going for it the first 2.5yrs after it launched except it could run games with 180 more pixels than Xb1. So back then the Sony fans fought with power and they dragged the media into the power argument as well. (Quantum Break got a lowered score because of resolution) Now in 2017 Sony put out a few games and now its all about games and power doesnt matter… Didnt Yoshida say 1080p makes you a better gamer? So anyway my point is Sony (only) fans are the worst,

          • PC Master

            Well you’re not doing yourself any favour. Completely hypocritical to criticise others when you yourself are doing the exact same thing with the Xbox.

          • Ordeith

            I think it’s pretty telling that Sony (fans?) have to create so many fake accounts to upvote their propaganda to give some illusion of support on this site. It seems rather desperate. 🙂

        • Christoph Schürmann

          What kind of idiot are you. In the first 4 weeks the one x will have more enhanced games than the pro after 12 month.

        • wobblypops46

          70 games so far are inhanced for the X.

          I’d like to know how an inferior system with 1.8 flops less GPU power and 4gigs less ram ends up with a vast majority of better performing games. I call bs on that and bs on the Pro having far more games too!

          Get some help with that butthurt buddy!

        • JG

          PS fans have an ego self esteem issue. There are no other fanbases where they create up to 20 different accounts and falsely boost their own ego. How weird is that? They can’t get an actual person to agree with them so they make up people and even respond to themselves. What a pain it would be to log into all those accounts when everyone knows what you’re doing.

        • No you’re dumb and wrong look it up!! While PS4Pro only has bairly 3million pixels x1x is enjoying 8million pixels get’re truly the dumbest person!! You not seen the list of over 150 enhanced x1x games you dumb twat!! The only thing ps4pro does is up ths resolution slightly it does nothing in regards to textures..etc..god damn you ponies are dumb!!

      • Biggles

        Because people will be rushing to to pay $500 to play the same old games they didn’t pay $250 to play.

    • 7770777

      The Ps4 nor Ps4 Pro will NEVER curbstomp the X genius. The X has the GPU equivalent(6TF) of both the Ps4 and Ps4 Pro combined(1.8 + 4.2 = 6TF). The assbeatings the X is giving the Ps4 Protato are just getting started.

    • starscream1180

      im sure you’ll be around waiting for it in xbox articles ….


    • Ordeith

      LOL. Only one of your upvotes is from a real person. Sony fans are desperate, indeed, if they have to fake their show of support like that. ???

  • J.j. Barrington

    Um… isn’t it more than just the GPU difference?

    Yeah, there is.

    • Daniel Lawson

      It probably has more to do with the fact that PS4 Pro has dual GPU setup and the 1X has a single GPU…

  • stillwaitingforgreatness

    Protato getting turned into mash. Enjoying the far better experience on the x1x.

  • XterminatorbotMK1

    Misleading article. The base PS4 had 40% extra power over the base Xbone and the PS4 had 50% – %100 more pixels depending on game. It is down to optimization.

    The Xbone X does not deliver twice the pixel count than the PS4 Pro in every game you mentioned. The Xbone X and the Pro use dynamic resolutions that vary.

    Shadow of War and Assassin’s Creed Origins have marketing deals with Microsoft. Microsoft paid them so the devs may be more incentivized to optimize for Xbone X.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I think two of the games you mentioned are from Bethesda. Bethesda is known for giving PlayStation unoptimized versions and d**k riding Microsoft for whatever insane reason. Fallout 4 didn’t use the extra 40% more power the PS4 had over Xbone S.

    You’re also ignoring other games that are nearly the same between the two.

    Another difference between the two systems is that the PS4 Pro is nearly identical to the base PS4. Sony basically cloned the GPU. The Pro plays PS4 games natively because the GPU is basically identical.

    The Xbone X on the other hand is a more different system from the Xbone S. Microsoft mimiced the PS4 GDDR5 RAM which resulted in Xbone X having different RAM from Xbone S. The RAM and GPU are different. The xbone X relies on emulation to run Xbone games.

    Now why are fake game journalists not asking why Microsoft lied about their system? The Xbone X does not deliver the true 4K resolution and 4K textures Microsoft promised and advertised.

    What happened to the extra RAM?
    I stated a long time ago that the Xbone X is too weak to deliver 4K resolution and 4K textures. The Xbone X is struggling to hit resolution and doesn’t use 4K textures. And even with 4K resolution in Gears 4 and Forza reports are saying the aliasing and textures are suffering because of it. Looks like I was correct. 4K textures need GPU power as well as RAM. RAM alone is not enough.

    • EmpeRawD That’s a whole lot of words for simply stating how butthurt your clearly are!!!

    • starscream1180

      lmao kool story guy.

    • Shi’a at

      Your crazy! You obviously havent seen Shadow of War on the X. The downsampled 1080p version looks 10x better than the Pro version. The 4k version looks stupid incredible! MS never said every game would be native 4k. There are many so far and because some of the larger games are dynamic but mainly hover near or at native 4k you have a problem with that? Cut the crap man you sound like an ass. The X is pushing games out native 4k and 60fps for god sakes. I believe there are over 35 native 4k 60fps games.. Look them up, I am not listing them all but an example is Outlast 2. You people just want to hate on Xbox.
      “Xbone X is too weak to deliver 4K resolution and 4K textures. Looks like I was correct.”

      No, your wrong.. Shadow of War is a perfect example..

    • Aaron blanchard

      Waaaaaa… waaaaaaaa… do you need some kleenex to catch your tears. Xbox one X is 4k. Ps4 pro is not. So give it up and shut up.

    • argenys

      Not sure if you’re trying to spread FUD or if you’re dilusional. Regardless not having a grasp on facts makes it look like you’re trying so hard to push an agenda but anyone with any real knowledge will just dismiss it. If you’re actually trying to persuade someone please try to stick to facts and not your wishes nor conjecture. It truly is sad and pathetic. I know you have it within you to be a better person.

    • Mike

      Dude! Stop crying, ya?

    • Educate yourself before you try talk about things you’re 100% wrong about! PS4 NEVER had 50-100% more pixels on screen it was NEVER pushing higher textures and it still didn’t with PS4Pro! Stop misleading people with the BS you fony pony’s keep trying to do to discredit everyone giving more and more FACTS proving 1X is actually an upgrade and is comparable to PC!! And even with dynamic resolution scaling it’s mostly sitting on 2160p “max” resolution with high-ultra textures..etc..with all the extras that you only get on 1X or PC! I will also add these few dynamic resolution games are also dynamically scaled on PC also but with the highest end GPU’s the resolution will bearly drop below 2160p but they’re not cheap! 1X>PS4Pro and unless you’re spending $1500 it also stomps PC regardless of cheap secondhand parts outdated by 5yrs and what ever PC morons try to compare for $500!! Lol Move on!! #fact

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Scum like Tim Dog and ColtEastwood trying to distract from the fact that they beast is doing dynamic 4K on most new games. It’s tough to have credibility insisting you can see the difference between dynamic 1440p-1800p and dynamic 1800p when you insisted there was nothing between native 1080p and native 720p stretched to 1080p, lads.

    • Ordeith
    • argenys

      Actually almost no games were 720p most were 900p-1080p but sure let’s take a handful of titles and pretend that’s mostly the case because its 2017 and a conversation without the constant injection of Hyperbole is not a conversation worth having.

    • JG

      Why don’t you log onto those other accounts and tell up all about it? Oh wait, my bad, you already are. Now come back with the same fatty joke that you also tell using those other accounts.

  • Bilal Prince-Ali

    The Xbox One X is an INCREDIBLE console! it genuinely is the greatest console of all time IN TERMS OF HARDWARE… And this power difference is certainly a real thing… HOWEVER Im sorry but when you’re watching Digital Foundry videos and the games on the X1X do look better for sure but damn near identical until they hit up that 300%-400% zoom in where the differences are actually clearer to see… Does that realllyy make it all the more impressive/worth it in the end…? Does this now make it worth bragging because you can see a ladder that’s in the distance that we cant see on the pro because you have better draw distance on some games..?

    When games truly take advantage of the X1X then we shall really see some beastly games and unfortunately those games will ONLY come from the 1st party studios and not 3rd party studios… Those exclusives will look the best… Power is one thing but if MS dont employ the talent then the power will come up with nothing…

    Lastly we are 4 years into this console generation and since day 1 PS4 was the more powerful console games looked and ran better on the PS4 than the Xbox One however Xbox fans defended the power difference and loved to remind everyone how power isn’t everything even Phil Spencer coming out to say that power isn’t everything or important, “play the game not the resolution” he said…But now power IS THE BE ALL AND END ALL and that makes no sense at all because if Power was all you xbox fanboys cared about then you would have bought a PS4 at launch and if not you’ve had 4 years to purchase one… but quite clearly its not about power it is and always will be about the games, so these power bragging and pissing contests are stupid because PC would always win (even thought the X1X is certainly the best value for money)… point is there has to come a time when we look at results instead of potential which is why im waiting for MS to show us some third party games that show off the X1X’s power because the closest game i can see is Forza 7 and that’s a little sus because Forza 7 looks incredible on the Xbox One vanilla and S console so imma keep waiting…

    • argenys

      When seeing it in 4k you clearly see the differences. But there is an argument to be made that if you have a 1080p TV and don’t care about looks then it’s not for you. But the differences are very apparent when looking at it with a 4k screen and source. It’s one of the bad things of 4k once you see that quality the other still great 1080 source looks muddy in comparison. An Phil’s point stand a good game is a good game. But there is a crowd that wants the best looking games. There’s a crowd that care about either exclusively and people that care for both. Trying to say it’s all one crowd is misleading or out of touch.

      • Bilal Prince-Ali

        i dont mean to make it seem like the crowd is single not a all…. The console is incredible and im not downplaying any of the games… Texture work is texture work and resolution is resolution but as long as these games art style looks a particular way then you may be limited depending on the style of game (hence why cuphead looks the exact same with the 4k patch or not)… Im just saying im waiting is all…

  • Jeebus

    It doesn’t really sustain twice the resolution on most games though. Nature of dynamic resolutions, they go up and they go down. It’s a few selected titles where it can hit higher resolutions, usually for short periods.

    PS4 also manages big gaps to Xbox One on select titles as well. Wolfenstein 2 runs only 1440 x 810 on Xbox One but 1920 x 1080 on PS4. That’s an 80 percent jump right there between base Xbox One and PS4, it also has a better framerate too.

    On average then without the outliers the gap between Xbox one and PS4 is quite similar to the one between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. I expect most games to be 40-60 percent more resolution for the faster hardware.

    • Shi’a at

      Where are you people coming up with this crap? I love how Sony fanboys are trying to make this seem like a light upgrade over the pro. Dude, the difference between pro and the X is greater than a GTX 970 and a GTX1070. Thats a generational leap. You cant take the first batch of games and say its not much. Shadow of War is a perfect example of how much more powerful the console is. The Xbox One and PS4 had hardly a difference. The only difference between those were .3 flops on the gpu and a faster memory. The X has a faster cpu a much bigger and faster gpu (almost 2 tflops) a lot more memory and much faster memory bandwidth.
      Just sit back and watch when a dev really puts their time into it like Shadow of war

      • Jeebus

        A generational leap between PS4 Pro and Xbox one X? No, where do YOU come up with this crap?? It’s obviously a faster machine but calling it a generational leap is ridiculous. It plays games with on average about 50 percent more resolution. The gap is very similar to that between Xbox One and PS4, and nobody with brains thought that was a generational leap. Even if it was 100 percent more resolution or twice as fast (it definitely isn’t) then that’s not a generational leap either. A true generation is 8-10 times faster if not more. X one X is only about 3 times faster than the standard PS4!

        The difference between PS4 and Xbox One has been well documented. The number of games that only did 1600 x 900 with weaker performance than PS4 doing 1920 x 1080 is massive. That’s 44 percent, and better framerates typically. The gap in some titles is even larger, as I just pointed out.

        Here the gap between PS4 Pro is on average, about 50 percent. In the odd outlier it’s more, but never sustained.

        Third party developers won’t target Xbox One X much hardware because

        1. PS4 is the lead platform for developers since it has a massive install base and XBox One X’s will be relatively tiny

        2.. ALL games must run on base Xbox One hardware and developers will be totally constrained by that lowest common denominator.

        • argenys

          Stop being a Fanboy. Both of you are making dumb arguments. How will developers not target the console when they’re making PC versions that are better? Didn’t realize the 360 had 3rd party problems because of its install base since it sold at the same rate as the One. Playstation is a massive success for Sony. Doesn’t Mean because something is amazing the other thing is bad. Apparently developers until 40 mil consoles don’t care but once they pass that arbitrary number they go HAM. Sony had no support the first 2 years. The fact that you think the difference between a PS4 and a XB1X is only 3 fold let’s anyone with a brain know you’re biased. Obviously it’s not a full gen upgrade from what is accustomed to. No one but some dumb fanboys are making that argument. I hate how stupid some people get over any topic that invokes some kind of emotion on their part. Congratulate Xbox for a good console and keep enjoying all of your awesome games. Fuck the pettiness.

          • Jeebus

            No, you stop, read, listen and learn.

            The claim was that they will really push Xbox One X to the limit and get focused on it when the reality is that won’t happen. Reasons: the install user base will be too small, the basic game still has to run on the original Xbox One and PS4 is the lead platform for most titles since it has by far and away the biggest user base, and that is where the money is.

            What’s more is that these consoles are so easy to maximise performance for these days you don’t find much extra performance after years and years with them. Which is why later games don’t look much better than launch ones, not like previous generations where the improvement is big.

            The fact that you DON’T think the difference between base PS4 and Xbox One X is only a little more than 3 times is the dumbest bit about your comment.

            On paper Xbox One X is absolutely not more than 3-3.5 times faster than a base PS4.

            This is being proved right now as we speak looking at games that run a fixed 1080p on PS4, and most of those same games do not run native 4K on Xbox One X. They typically run lower, and with dynamic resolution.

            I can list them if you might like. It’s a long list.

          • Michael Anderson

            Bro you are dumb as shit. You think Xbox doesn’t have an install base it has sold more that the 360 at this point get real bro please you need help

          • Jeebus

            Says the guy that doesn’t understand the install base for the Xbox One X version will be tiny. Developers aren’t going to put more effort in for a console with a few million machines if there are 70 million PS4s around

        • The differnce is 3-5million on Pro to 8million pixels on X1X pretty significant difference!! It’s not just numbers that make it a leap ahead it’s what’s on screen in the games that make the difference that you can see! X1X is pushing some nice looking games and 2018 onwards is going to be even better!! Don’t even bother comparing the Pro to X1X but a 1070-1080 and come talk! X1X is no joke you have to see them side by side to know!! The 50% power isn’t the difference they’re talking about it’s the on screen 50+% difference!!

          • Jeebus

            At BEST X1X is twice as fast on a few select games over PS4 Pro. On most of the games shown however it isn’t even that. Double resolution, OR LESS.

            It’s obviously not a generation ahead if it’s only twice as fast in best case scenarios.

            The performance gap between Xbox and PS2 was at least 2x advantage to Xbox. Nobody thought it was a generation ahead. It was too expensive so it never sold many units, it was dead after 4 years and no developers outside of Microsoft ones cared so PS2 got most of the best games…..

  • Shi’a at

    I am absolutely in love with this Xbox 1X! Im playing Shadow of War and it looks and plays incredibly!!! Holy sh#t the graphics are insane!! EVEN on a 1080p tv! Well worth the upgrade. Gears looks amazing, even in 1080p/60 mode. I havent done anything else in the last 6 days except work and X

    • PC Master

      If it only takes that much to impress you then you really don’t have a PC.

  • BaronMatrix

    A lot of the improvements may be that MS used the GPU command processor for draw calls and more headroom for the CPU does allow for pushing more pixels… They said it reduced CPU usage by 50%…