Nvidia’s RTX 5000 Launch: Eyeing AMD’s RDNA 4 Moves?

Nvidia RTX 5000 series launch at CES 2025?

So get this – rumor has it Nvidia’s cookin’ up a new line of graphics cards called the RTX 5000 series, codename Blackwell, that they’re hoping to show off at CES 2025. But whether or not that actually happens sorta depends what their main competition AMD ends up doing.

I mean let’s be real, it ain’t exactly been a huge year for new high-powered graphics cards. The flagships Nvidia and AMD put out back in 2022 are still holding their own just fine and people are really waiting for AMD’s supposed RX-8000 series and these Nvidia RTX 5000s to shake things up again since it’ll be about two years after the last generation. This YouTuber called Moore’s Law Is Dead says he’s got inside intel on Nvidia’s plans for the RTX 5000 launch.

Supposedly Nvidia hasn’t like officially decided on a hard release date yet. Word is they wanna have the new GeForce cards ready to go by end of 2024, but they might tweak the timing depending on what AMD’s got in the works and how well their current cards are selling.

Blackwell is being prepared to be ready to launch in Q4 2024 if we want to. Whether or not we do depends on how Ada sales are doing, and how competitive we believed RDNA 4 will be during the holiday shopping season.

But no matter what, we are currently planning to make a big deal about RTX 5000 efficiency at CES 2025. So, either way we will be launching next-gen by the start of 2025.

As for performance, Blackwell’s Rasterization uplift over Ada will not be as impressive as Ampere -> Ada. However, the RTX 4090 was cut down by more than 10%, so it’s plausible we could make the 5090 “feel” like a similar uplift if we felt threatened.

Moore’s Law Is Dead @ YouTube

The company’s got CES 2025 circled on the calendar, early January, to show off the new RTX 5000 and how efficient it is. They’ll probably launch it around the same time too. But unless Nvidia needs to keep up with AMD, don’t expect as big a jump in performance from the last generation. The RTX 4090 still has some untapped potential they could draw from for a possible RTX 5090 to make the next gen seem like a bigger leap.

AMD is also getting attention for its RDNA 4 series or RX 8000 and no hard launch yet but word is they’re aiming for something between 400 and 600 bucks that might beat out the Radeon RX 7900 XT. Sounds like rumors that AMD won’t prioritize high-end stuff next time around might be true. Meanwhile Nvidia may have a beast of an RTX 5090 waiting in the wings if they need to counter AMD. Obviously a lot of speculation still, but it suggests both companies are playing it safe for now. We’ll know more down the line.

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