Thermaltake launches X Comfort Air, World’s first Active Cooled Gaming Chair

Thermaltake X Comfort Air

Thermaltake has announced their latest gaming chair, the X Comfort Air, which comes with a built-in cooling system that will cool your butt as you sit. The product uses some serious engineering to keep your backside between 0.6ºC and 1.5ºC cooler than the unassisted competition.

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First of its kind, the X Comfort Air features a set of four fans plopped underneath the seat. This isn’t your ordinary air-cooling design, but based on state-of-the-art technology with optimized aerodynamics to achieve maximum cooling performance. Thermaltake explains in a blog post:

Use of a special five-fan blade design based on automotive industry tech allows the four built-in cooling fans to generate even greater volumes of air for improved airflow and speed. The use of high-quality components in the fan blade design provides a whopping 75,000-hour lifespan, which is double than that of industry standard and provides utmost performance and reliability.

X COMFORT AIR gaming chair with active cooling

The fan blades sit in a unique wind blocker frame that has been specially designed to direct airflow towards the middle section of the blade. This is to create a compression effect to block any air from escaping for maximum efficiency. There is also has a 3-button controller that lets you adjust the speed of the fans for your desired level of cooling performance.

The frame of the Thermaltake X Comfort Air is made from steel and covered with dense foam padding. The seat uses a breathable mesh under the PVC leather with enhanced ventilation holes to improve performance as well as reduce noise and vibration effects. It also includes an adjustable 4D armrest, adjustable back and head support, and a multi-function tilt mechanism with a locking system.

The X Comfort Air is available in two models—a black and red version, and an all black version—both priced at USD $499.99.

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