Intel Coffee Lake CPU Prices listed in the UK Store – Core i7-8700K costs £354

Core i7-8700K review leaked

With all the hype around Intel’s 8th Gen Coffee Lake processors, retailers in different countries have started listing the CPUs up for pre-orders. Up until now, we’ve seen listings at retailers in China, Germany and Canada. Recently, one of the British stores also followed the suit revealing Coffee Lake CPU prices in the region.

Intel Coffee Lake listings have appeared on the LambdaTek UK online store. The retailer has added seven next-gen Core processors to its listings, including the one that was not previously announced.

As for the prices themselves, they are relatively higher than their Kaby Lake counterparts. Interestingly, the Core i7-8700K even costs more than its Skylake-X counterpart, the Core i7-7800X, which is on sale for several weeks.

The Intel Core i7-8700K is the flagship processor of the lineup. The chip has 6 cores and 12 threads clocked at 3.8GHz base, 4.7GHz maximum Turbo and 4.3GHz all-core boost.

It also features an unlocked multiplier to make overclocking easier. A previous screenshot shows the CPU can overclock to 5.0GHz. The chip will cost around £354.

Intel Core i7-8700K UK pricing

The Core i7-8700 also features 6 cores and 12 threads, with 3.2GHz base clock, 4.6GHz max Turbo, and the same 4.3GHz all-core boost. It will sell for £299.

Intel’s 8th Gen Core i5 chips also boast 6 cores but lack hyper-threading capabilities. The Core i5-8600K is another unlocked chip in the lineup which runs at 3.6GHz base, 4.3GHz max Turbo and 4.1GHz all-core boost. The chip will cost around £251.

Intel Core i5-8600K UK pricing

Next in line is the Core i5-8400 which will be priced at £177. The 6-core, 6-thread chip has clock speeds of 2.8GHz base, 4.0GHz max Turbo and 3.8GHz all-core Turbo.

The Core i3 Coffee Lake chips feature 4 cores and 4 threads. The chips won’t feature boost clocks but rather a more stable base clock speed. The unlocked Core i3-8350K will have a 4.0GHz base clock speed, and will cost £174.

Intel Core i3-8350K UK pricing

The Core i3-8350 is a new SKU we have not heard about yet. The chip will also offer 4.0GHz base clock speed, and will sell for £170. The Core i3-8100 will have a lower clock speed of 3.6GHz, and will cost only £115.

Intel 8th Gen desktop processors are rumored to launch on October 5th. The platform will include integrated USB 3.1 Gen 2, as well as support for dual channel DDR4-2666 MHz memory and up to 24 PCI-E 3.0 lanes. You will also require Intel’s brand-new 300 series motherboards to run the chips.

Intel Kaby Lake vs. Coffee Lake CPU Prices at LambdaTek UK:

Core i7-8700K£354
Core i7-7700K£312
Core i7-8700£299
Core i7-7700£284
Core i5-8600K£251
Core i5-7600K£213
Core i5-8400£177
Core i5-7400£172
Core i3-8350K£174
Core i3-7350K£162
Core i3-8100£115
Core i3-7100£105
Core i3-8350£171

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