Latest Wolfenstein 2 patch improves RX Vega 64 performance by up to 22%

Wolfenstein 2 patch brings gains for RX Vega 64

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus has received two new updates, both of which offer noteworthy performance gains for the AMD RX Vega 64. Benchmarks show the latest Wolfenstein 2 patch improving performance to a staggering 22% compared to the release version of the game.

The release version of Wolfenstein 2 had the low-level Async Compute disabled for owners of Radeon graphics cards. However, the option was enabled with the beta patch released later last month; the only requisite for that was the installation of AMD’s Software Crimson 17.10.3 driver. It remained the same way in the second patch.

The opposite is true in case of the GeForce cards from Nvidia: Async Compute was enabled since the launch of the game, but the last patch had it turned off on each GeForce GPU. The developers have asked to wait until a new driver fix comes in.

As you would expect, the performance also changes from patch to patch. The gains are large for AMD, but small for Nvidia. At 1920×1080 in the demanding test scenario, the GeForce GTX 1080 is 4% faster with the second patch, but the performance falls 4% in the worse case test.

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Wolfenstein 2 patch benches - 1080p demanding

Wolfenstein 2 patch benches - 1080p worse

The same happens in 2560×1440, but upping the resolution to 4K, the GTX 1080 becomes consistently slower in both scenarios. The performance increase by 3% with the first patch, but then it suddenly falls 6% with the latest update. The decrease may be attributed to the missing Async Compute.

Wolfenstein 2 patch benches - 1440p demanding

Wolfenstein 2 patch benches - 1440p worse

Wolfenstein 2 patch benches - 4K demanding

Wolfenstein 2 patch benches - 4K worse

Moving to the Radeon RX Vega 64, the differences are much more consistent and larger. In the demanding test scenario at 1080p, the performance increases by 4% with the first patch thanks to the Async Compute, and then it jumps another 17% with the current update. So the RX Vega 64 achieves a total performance boost of up to 22% in Wolfenstein 2 compared to the release version.

At higher resolutions, the gains for Vega 64 are somewhat smaller, but they are still consistent, especially in both scenarios. Similarly, the differences aren’t as big in the worse case scenario. For instance, the first patch accelerates the RX Vega 64 only by 1% in 1920×1080, but the second adds another 6%.

Other Radeon graphics cards have also seen an increase in performance with the latest Wolfenstein 2 patch, though it’s not as much as the Vega 64. The Radeon RX 580 now performs 10% faster in the demanding scenario, but again minimal to no gains in the worst case test.

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