Fixed: Xbox One X Black Screen of Death [2020 Guide]

Xbox One X is a popular gaming console for playing the latest and high graphics games. However, recently, many Xbox users started reporting a black screen of death that occurs when the console boots up causing problems while navigating around the dashboard and saving the games.

The Xbox One X black screen of death is a software glitch that occurs seemingly on startup. Your device can get stuck at the blank loading screen before going black forever. Some users report that Xbox One stays at the green loading screen for over 10 plus minutes before it goes completely black. Others have observed an icon for a few seconds instead.

When you get the Xbox One X black screen error, you can still navigate using the guide, but large portions of the dashboard appear black and thus they are completely useless.

If you’re facing this issue too, no need to panic because you can easily fix it.

Last Updated March 11, 2020: This post was originally published in November 2017 and has since been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

7 Fixes for Xbox One X Black Screen of Death

We have compiled a list of effective troubleshooting tips that will help you get rid of this Xbox One X black screen of death.

  1. Perform a Hard Reset
  2. Switch Tabs
  3. Press Right Trigger + Left Trigger + Y Button
  4. Set your console to offline mode
  5. Visit Xbox Store
  6. Switch off ‘Allow 24Hz’
  7. Factory Reset

Fix #1: Perform a Hard Reset

The first and easy step to get rid of the Xbox One X black screen issue is to do a hard reset. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn off the console by holding the power button on the front for 10 seconds.
  2. Now turn it on by pressing the power button again.
  3. This will force the console to go into a full reboot cycle, and once it loads, the dashboard should start working.

This method can work quickly, however, it is usually only a temporary solution. If the black screen appears again, you must try the below fixes. 

Fix #2: Switch Tabs

According to some users, they have fixed the black screen issue by switching tabs and then quickly switching back to reload the dashboard. To switch tabs, press the Home button and immediately navigate away from the dashboard to another tab. Then return to the dashboard. 

Fix #3: Press Right Trigger + Left Trigger + Y Button

This is another effective method that allows you to access and reload the dashboard. This method is practiced as soon as you have powered up the console. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your Xbox One X as normal.
  2. Wait for it to move your pins on startup. 
  3. As soon as the pins start moving, press Right trigger, Left trigger, and the Y button altogether. 
  4. This should restore the dashboard functionality and it won’t fade away anymore.

Fix #4: Set your console to offline mode

In some cases, the black screen of death appears as a result of problems with Xbox Live. You can simply switch your Xbox One X to offline mode by disconnecting it from Xbox Live to fix this issue. Here’s how you can set your console to offline mode:

  1. Go to WiFi settings and disconnect from Xbox Live.
  2. The dashboard should reappear and it should be functional.
  3. Now restart your Xbox One console.
  4. Reconnect to Xbox Live.

Fix #5: Visit Xbox Store

This is a rare one but has worked for some users. Though we don’t get how this method works, there’s no harm in trying. Hit the guide button and go to the Xbox Store. Immediately press A on whatever you see at the main banner. Then go back to the Home Screen and check if it’s working.

Fix #6: Switch off ‘Allow 24Hz’

If you’re watching a Blu-ray disc and black screen appears all of a sudden, you can try this fix. Check the video output and if it’s set to ‘Allow 24Hz’, turn it off. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Press the Xbox button on your wireless controller.
  2. Click All settings.
  3. Go to Display & sound.
  4. Choose Video options.
  5. Choose Enable 24Hz and turn off this setting.

Once done, check to see if the Xbox One X blank screen error still occurs. If it does, don’t fret – there’s still one more fix to try.

Fix #7: Factory Reset

Resetting your console restores your system to factory settings which can also help solve your problem. Following are the steps for factory resetting your console:

  1. Press the Home button and go to the guide.
  2. Select System and then Settings.
  3. Select System again and then go to Console info.
  4. Select Reset Console.
  5. Select Reset and keep my games & apps.

If the Xbox One X black screen of death persists, repeat all the above steps, but instead of step 5 at the end, select Reset and remove everything.

If you’re one of the Xbox One X users experiencing the black screen of death, we hope this guide helped you in getting rid of this issue. Feel free to let us know which method worked for you.

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