Xbox One X Black Screen Issues reported, What should you do?

Many gamers have reported suffering from Xbox One X black screen issues. The problem is not specific to a certain title but affects all games.

Microsoft has officially launched their long-awaited Xbox One X. Touted as “the world’s most powerful console ever,” the new device brings true 4K gaming to the masses and is already very popular among gamers.

However, not all of the users are having a smooth experience on the new console. For many gamers, One X is plagued by black screen issues. Here’s how one Reddit user Dimensional_Polygon described this issue:

Picked up my Project Scorpio edition tonight from Best Buy, got it all set up, and started checking out Assassin’s Creed Origins with the upped visuals.

About 20 minutes in, my console just goes dark. No picture and the Xbox logo was off. I thought it was just a software glitch that caused the console to crash but nope. It does not turn on at all. I’ve switched it to different plugs that I know work but nothing.

Another user scarymonkey wrote:

Hey man, the exact same thing just happened to me.

I was able to set up the system no problem. I start Titanfall 2, no problem. After about 45 minutes of playing, my screen goes black and the system turns off. I press the Xbox logo, nothing. Unplug, then replug, nothing. Press the Xbox logo again on console for 10 seconds, nothing. I swap out the one x with my old one s, but keep the same cords, my one s powers up no problem.

…My One X is dead.

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Xbox One X black screen issues

Apparently, this issue is prevalent for the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition. Gamers said they tried basic troubleshooting steps such as power cycling the device or ejecting the disc, but to no avail.

It’s very unlikely that this error is caused by faulty hardware considering Microsoft spent numerous hours of research into this console. The problem may be related to the software of the device or triggered by compatibility issues. But the real question right now is, what could you do to fix Xbox One X black screen errors?

Well, for the time being, there are two solutions to fix this problem. The quickest way is to take your One X to the store and exchange for a new one — though there is no guarantee that the new console won’t be plagued by black screen issues. If that doesn’t work then just contact Microsoft support and ask for a replacement.

The Redmond is yet to comment on the situation. Meanwhile, if you are facing black screen issues on your Xbox One X, please share more about your experience with us in the comments section below.

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