Intel 2018 roadmap shows HEDT Cascade Lake-X, Updated Coffee Lake-S & More

Intel next-gen Comet Lake with 10 cores

During the recent GALAXY GEC 2017 Gaming Carnival, Intel disclosed a product roadmap showing their desktop processor plans for the coming year. Apparently, the company’s current Skylake-X HEDT platform will not be succeeded till the fourth quarter of 2018 when the Cascade Lake-X hits the retail.

Intel Cascade Lake-X HEDT Processors Coming in Q4 2017

The latest roadmap leaked over at Chinese site MyDrivers gives us updates on Intel’s high-end desktop, mainstream as well as entry-level platforms. Let’s start with high-end desktop side of things.

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Intel 2018 roadmap: New HEDT Cascade Lake-X in Q4 2018

According to the roadmap, Intel Cascade Lake-X HEDT series will succeed the current generation Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processors. The Cascade Lake-X is expected to arrive in late 2018, which means the existing line of processors will continue into the third quarter of the next year.

Intel didn’t reveal any specifications, so we don’t know whether the next-gen HEDT platform will get any core bump. You can presume it to use the optimized 14nm++ process though. Further, the new processors will surely be supported on X299 motherboards based on the current LGA 2066 socket.

Intel 9th Gen Coffee Lake-S CPUs Along with New 300-series Motherboards

On the mainstream side, Intel is planning to release updated Coffee Lake-S chips. The lineup will include 6-core, 4-core and dual-core K-series SKUs. These might be branded as Core 9th Gen series.

Intel 9th Gen Core i7-9700K plus Core i5/i3 CPUs

The dual-core offerings with 35W TDP will hit production sometime in the 5th week of 2018, followed by production of new 300-series (Z390 and B360) motherboards in the 7th week. The release is scheduled for March-April.

Surprisingly, there is no mention of the Coffee Lake-S 8-core processors that have been rumored for a while. A recent AIDA64 changelog included a list 9th Gen Core processors for desktops, based on which it was suggested that the new flagship Core i7-9700K will pack 8 cores and 16 threads.

Intel Gemini Lake SoCs featuring 10W TDP

Finally, we have the low-power Gemini Lake platform. Based on the new 14nm Goldmont cores, the entry-level N-series continues to feature quad-core and dual-core processors. These chips, called the Pentium (Gold + Silver) and Celeron, feature a TDP of 10W and will hit the retail at the end of this year.

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