AMD Ryzen 7 Launch Processors out of Stock with Major Retailers

It seems like the demand for Ryzen has been higher than supply ever since AMD opened pre-orders for its next generation processors. The Ryzen 7 launch processors are now sold out at major retailers, despite the company claimed to have entailed over one million chips.

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Ryzen 7 Launch Processors Sold out at Amazon and Fry’s

AMD launched their new Ryzen 7 processors Thursday. The release included three 8-core, 16-thread models, namely the Ryzen 7 1800X, 1700X and 1700, priced at US$499, US$399 and US$329, respectively.

AMD Ryzen 7 launch processors out of stock
Credit: 4Gamer

Reportedly, AMD has had a million-strong Ryzen 7 stock at launch worldwide, which looks to be a healthy inventory of processors to be available initially. Coupled with this, the Ryzen 7 gaming performance reviews weren’t as spectacular as expected, which apparently prompted some pre-order cancellations as well.

However, it appears that the momentum with the Ryzen launch was built-up enough to have some major retailers run out of stock. As of writing, there’s no more Ryzen 7 launch processors over at Amazon and Fry’s, whereas Newegg, which was supposed to sell boxed versions of the processor, is offering it as part of the pre-built rigs.

Hopefully, AMD would sort this out, but right now, it’s more focused on getting the Ryzen’s microcode optimized for gaming and applications.

AMD has just responded to the burning question as to why their Ryzen 7 CPUs are slower than expected, especially at lower resolutions. The team red has been absent from the high-end desktop market for nearly 5 years and this translated to developers optimizing their games’ performance primarily to Intel’s architecture.

Now that AMD is back to the market with Ryzen, it’s reinforcing the need for game developers to properly tune to its CPUs. According to the company, it has sent more than 300 developer kits already, so that content creators can “optimize current and future game releases for the all-new Ryzen CPU.” The firm is expecting gaming performance to increase throughout Q1 and Q2.

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