Intel Core i3-7360X, A Dual Core Kaby Lake-X CPU for X299 Platform Leaked

Intel Dual Core i3-7360X CPU leaked

Apparently, Intel is prepping a new dual core Kaby Lake-X chip, known as the Core i3-7360X, for its recently launched high-end desktop X299 platform. A dual core SKU for the HEDT platform, especially at a time when the launch of 14, 16 and 18-core processors is just around the corner, sounds weird doesn’t it?

In terms of specs, the Intel Core i3-7360X is part of their Kaby Lake X family built using the updated 14nm+ process node. The chip features two cores and four threads, and appears to succeed the Core i3-7350K that is available on the 200-series platform. The two chips differ in their clock speeds and TDPs.

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Intel Core i3-7360X and Core i3-7350K - Side by side comparison
A side by side comparison between Core i3-7360X and Core i3-7350K

The Core i3-7360X has a core clock speed of 4.0GHz but boosts up to 4.30GHz. It packs 4 MB of L3 cache and a total of 16 PCI Express lanes. Further, the chip comes with a TDP rating of 112W compared to the 60W TDP on the Core i3-7350K.

According to the leaker, the Core i3-7360X will cost around $220. That’s $50 more than what the Core i3-7350K retails for. Performance-wise, the Kaby Lake-X chip is said to be just 1.25% faster than the 7350K so it’s basically the same chip on a different platform.

That being said, since the dual core CPU is launched on an HEDT platform, you can expect it to perform particularly well with extreme memory kits and LN2 overclocks. So it is presumably aimed at a specific niche market.

For those who can wait a little, Intel Core i3 Coffee Lake chips will offer higher cores at a reasonable price. The series will include the unlocked Core i3-8350K, featuring 4 cores and 4 threads clocked at 4.0GHz. The chip will be rated at 95W TDP. It could cost around $182.

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