Saving the Trees: A Starfield Late Bloomer Walkthrough

Starfield: Late Bloomer walkthrough

The vast open-world RPG Starfield has no shortage of side quests and missions to keep players busy across its many star systems. One of the more unique and involved side quest chains takes place over three missions focused on saving the trees of New Atlantis. This walkthrough will cover the key objectives, choices, and rewards of the climactic finale to this tree-saving trilogy – the Late Bloomer mission.

Starfield Late Bloomer Side Quest Guide

Late Bloomer is the third and final side mission given by New Atlantis scientist Kelton Frush as part of his effort to save the city’s trees. It directly follows the previous tree-focused missions A Tree Grows in New Atlantis and Out on a Limb.

To unlock Late Bloomer, players must first complete the preceding two Kelton missions related to the trees in New Atlantis. After enough in-game time has passed, return to Kelton under the large tree in the MAST District of New Atlantis to get the quest started.

The Problem: Mating Call Vibrations from the Tree

When you meet Kelton to begin Late Bloomer, he reveals that the massive tree is vibrating and giving off what seem to be mating call vibrations. This is a problem, as there are no longer any mate trees left to respond to the call.

Kelton talks about mating call vibrations

Without a proper response, Kelton worries the tree may become unstable and die, causing catastrophic damage to New Atlantis in the process. To save the tree and city, you’ll need to find a way to transmit a sympathetic vibration response to the mating call.

Finding the Original Mate’s Branch

Luckily, Kelton has a plan. He explains that years ago, New Atlantis gave a mate tree to Akila City, but it eventually died. However, the Coe Heritage Museum in Akila City still has a branch from that original mate tree preserved.

Kelton believes if you can retrieve that museum branch, he can analyze it to synthesize the proper vibration frequency needed. Your first objective is to travel far off-world to the Cheyenne system and locate the Coe Heritage Museum in Akila City.

Once there, you’ll need to speak to the museum administrator Leah Casler about acquiring the branch. She will firmly tell you that you cannot take museum property.

Getting the Branch from the Museum

At this point, you have two options to get the branch: persuade Leah Casler to make an exception, or steal the branch yourself. With even just 1 point in persuasion, you can pass a check to convince Leah of the importance of your mission and have her willing give you the branch.

Persuade Leah Casler

If stealing, sneak behind the counter when Leah isn’t looking and pick the expert lock on the safe containing the branch. Or, wait until the museum closes to break in unseen. Either way, acquisition of the branch sample is required to progress.

Should persuasion fail, Leah mentions a man named Earl Fulton who has branch scraps for sale. You can meet Earl at his shop and simply buy the materials from him instead.

Analyzing the Branch Back in New Atlantis

Once you’ve obtained the museum branch, return to Kelton Frush back under the great tree in New Atlantis. Kelton will take the sample and analyze the branch’s vibrations.

After some time synthesizing the data, Kelton discovers the proper vibration frequency needed to respond to the tree’s mating call. Now you just need to transmit the synthesized audio signal.

Hijacking the SSNN Broadcast Terminal

Kelton suggests hijacking the city’s SSNN broadcast terminal to transmit the mating call response, rather than disrupting regular broadcasts. Head to the SSNN building in New Atlantis’ Commercial District.

Use the lobby computer terminal for Broadcast Diagnostics. First upload the audio file Kelton gave you. Then initialize the diagnostic broadcast to emit the synthesized mating call response on loop from the SSNN antenna.

Hijack the city's SSNN broadcast terminal

Completing the Late Bloomer Mission

With the audio signal now broadcasting across the city, return once more to Kelton under the great tree. After a short time observing the tree’s reactions, Kelton confirms the mating call vibrations have stabilized.

Thanks to your efforts finding the museum branch and transmitting the synthesized response, the tree of New Atlantis is safe and the Late Bloomer quest comes to a successful conclusion.


For completing the Late Bloomer side mission, players are rewarded with:

  • 100 XP
  • 3,500 Credits

With the tree secured and Kelton’s missions complete, you’re free to continue exploring the many stars and stories Starfield has to offer. But the citizens of New Atlantis remain in your debt for stabilizing their great tree and preventing catastrophe.

Saving the trees may seem a small task among the grand journeys ahead. Yet it highlights Starfield’s commitment to letting players leave their mark, even in subtle ways. The world feels that much more real and alive knowing your actions have impact – whether on a small city or the stars beyond.

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