Shadow Island in Lost Ark: All About the Tower, Quests, and Tokens

Shadow Island guide for Lost Ark

Shadow Island is a conundrum among the cluster of one hundred landmasses that abound in the virtual universe of Lost Ark. Adventurers brave enough to explore this treacherous terrain will encounter an assortment of monsters and quests that are not for the faint of heart. If you are one such intrepid explorer, fear not! In this guide, we’ll divulge the details of where to find the elusive Shadow Island and the information on how to obtain the coveted Island Token in Lost Ark.

Where to locate the Shadow Island in Lost Ark?

The location of the Shadow Island in Lost Ark is shrouded in secrecy. However, we can reveal that it is one of the many Islands within the Arkesian archipelago, nestled in the North Vern Sea. The Island is home to a formidable Tower, filled with a horde of malevolent monsters lurking on each floor, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting adventurers.

To get to Shadow Island, use your trusty ship to navigate the choppy waters and reach the exact location that is meticulously marked in the map image below. But beware, for danger awaits at every turn.

Lost Ark's Shadow Island location

How to Get Shadow Island Token

Shadow Island consists of numerous Tokens that are coveted by adventurers in Arkesia. If you collect all the Tokens available at the time, you’ll be rewarded with the ultimate prize: special items such as the Golden Moss Turtle Mount.

But the road to the Shadow Island Token is fraught with danger and challenges that only the most skilled adventurers can overcome. To obtain the elusive Token, you must first complete the Shadow Mark quest. Once that is accomplished, you will receive a series of purple quests that you must complete with precision and swiftness. This will lead you to a pivotal moment when you interact with the formidable Mercenary Captain Zardin.

The next step is to head up to the 24th floor of the Shadespire, the foreboding Tower teeming with legions of bloodthirsty monsters. Once you reach the 24th floor, the real challenge begins. You must fight your way through the enemy ranks to earn your reward and secure the Shadow Island Token.

Lastly, make your way back to Zardin and bask in the glory of your achievement as you are rewarded with the coveted Shadow Island Token.

Tokens Required for Rewards

  • Greater Stat Increase Potion – 5 Island Tokens
  • Emote: Threaten – 10 Island Tokens
  • Uncommon Wooden Compass – 15 Island Tokens
  • Greater Skill Point Potion – 20 Island Tokens
  • Mount: Golden Moss Turtle – 25 Island Tokens
  • Masterpiece #3 – 30 Island Tokens
  • Emote: Wave Dance – 35 Island Tokens
  • Luminous Aquamarine – 40 Island Tokens
  • Gienah’s Protection – 45 Island Tokens
  • Protections Skill Rune – 50 Island Tokens
  • Masterpiece #22 – 55 Island Tokens
  • Secret Map (Adventure: Giant Shell) – 60 Island Tokens
  • Oceanic Aquamarine – 65 Island Tokens
  • Statue of the Goddess Harmony – 70 Island Tokens
  • Masterpiece #38 – 75 Island Tokens
  • Ship Skin: Tortoyk Arong Turtle – 80 Island Tokens
  • Secret Map – 85 Island Tokens
  • Tidal Aquamarine – 90 Island Tokens
  • Procyon Statue – 95 Island Tokens

Lost Ark Shadow Island Quests

The Island is home to 6 questlines that will challenge even the bravest adventurers. Completing each of these quests is no easy feat, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Below, we will provide you with all the necessary information you need to conquer Shadow Island and complete each questline.

Quest #1 – To the Shadespire

The first quest in Shadow Island is straightforward. To start, head over to the Island and seek out Mercenary Captain Zardin at the dock area. From there, follow the path that leads towards the Tower and talk to Rakil inside to complete the mission. Easy, right? Think again.


  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest x7
  • Splendid Guardian Stone Fragment Chest x10
  • Splendid Shard Chest (M) x8
  • Courage +1
  • Silver x900

Quest #2 – The Scent of Blood

Quest #2 is a bit more complex. Visit the 2nd floor of the Tower and talk to Mercenary Ganecron. After that, you’ll need to follow the path up to the 4th floor and talk to Kangai. However, Kangai will be found dead, leaving you with the task of delivering the bad news back to Rakil. Remember that not all quests are sunshine and rainbows.


  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest x13
  • Splendid Guardian Stone Fragment Chest x27
  • Splendid Harmony Leapstone Chest x6
  • Silver x1,650

Quest #3 – Vile Debris

To complete the third quest, head back to the initial spot where you found Rakil and talk to Jenkrix. You’ll then need to proceed to the 2nd floor and slay some Demons to collect 100 Vile Debris to complete the mission. This one’s a real challenge, so be prepared.


  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest x13
  • Splendid Guardian Stone Fragment Chest x27
  • Splendid Harmony Leapstone Chest x6
  • Silver x1,650
  • Courage +2

Quest #4 – Debris Gatherer

Quest #4 is similar to the third one. Talk to Jenkrix, and slay some Demons to collect 100 Debris to complete the mission. Sounds easy enough, right? Don’t be fooled. The demons are no pushovers.


  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest x14
  • Splendid Guardian Stone Fragment Chest x27
  • Splendid Harmony Leapstone Chest x6
  • Silver x1,650

Quest #5 – An Important Record

Talk to Ryndon to begin the fifth quest. From there, head up to the 5th floor to defeat the boss named Rictus. The catch? Rictus won’t appear on the spot when you reach the 5th floor. Instead, you’ll have to wait for a good 5 minutes for him to spawn. Be patient and prepare for a tough fight.


  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest x17
  • Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest x4
  • Lavish Harmony Leapstone Chest
  • Silver x2,100
  • Wisdom +3

Quest #6 – Shadow’s Mark

The sixth and final quest is where the real fun begins. Talk to Ryndon, then head to the Tower to fight 50 boss characters to receive the Shadow Island Token. While it may seem like you’ll need to reach the 50th floor to complete the quest, many players have received the Token upon reaching level 20. Your fate is in your hands.


  • Shadow Island Token
  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest x8
  • Splendid Guardian Stone Fragment Chest x14
  • Lavish Shard Chest (M)
  • Silver x900

In conclusion, to experience this enticing destination to the fullest, it’s essential to discover where to find the Island and obtain the Shadow Island Token, which will open the door to rare items and thrilling escapades. Fortunately, this guide provides all the information needed to uncover the many secrets of Shadow Island. So gather your friends and prepare to set sail, as the adventure of a lifetime awaits in Lost Ark’s Shadow Island!

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