Reviewers received Different revisions of Vega 10 GPU packaging

AMD has finally launched its long-awaited RX Vega cards for consumers. These include RX Vega 64 and RX Vega 56, with the latter slated to arrive on August 28. The RX Vega 64 uses a full-fat Vega 10 GPU, however, it seems that there are two versions of this chip that differ a little.

Folks over at Hardware.info noticed that the GPU that is used on their RX Vega 64 sample differs from other reviewers. Comparing it to the one sent to their sister site Tweakers.net, they found that there is a significant enough physical difference between the two Vega 10 GPUs.

One of the chips had a dark substrate in between the GPU and HBM modules, but it was missing on the other. Placing the two chips next to each other shows that there is a slight height difference as well. The HBM2 appears to be sitting a bit lower toward the GPU die, probably because of the thin protective layer.

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Vega 10 GPU with and without dark substrate

It seems that AMD is fabbing Vega 10 at two different package manufacturers. The finding is interesting for AIB partners as that might affect the cooling, and thus the overall performance of the card.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for board partners to know in advance what package they receive from AMD, and so for the end users unless they remove the cooler. AMD hasn’t said a word on the matter yet. We’ll update the story when we hear the explanation from the company.

The AMD RX Vega 64 launched with an MSRP of $499 (£449 in the UK). However, British retailers Overclockers UK are suggesting the £449 was “launch only” pricing; the real price will be £100 more.

RX Vega 64 pricing - Early adopter discount

The RX Vega GPUs sold out within minutes at the UK retailer. They have since pushed the pre-order prices for the Black standalone card to £549—though gamers will get free codes for Wolfenstein II and Prey with their GPUs.

When compared with Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080, RX Vega 64 is just a hair faster. If the reports about Vega pricing are true, then the performance-per-price value of the card will drop significantly and it will not remain comparable to the GTX 1080.

We are expecting to get some clarification from the team red soon, fingers crossed!

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