AMD clarifies Dual RX Vega was running Prey ‘Above 60FPS’ in 4K

Prey demo on dual RX Vega and Threadripper CPU

At yesterday’s Computex event, AMD showcased a Prey demo running in 4K at ultra settings. The demo was powered by a Threadripper CPU paired with dual RX Vega graphics cards.

Despite running on the latest and greatest hardware from AMD, there was noticeable tearing. The demo did not include any FPS counter, and as such, a lot of people started wondering what was the point of showcasing this demo.

Dual Vega GPUs running Prey at 4K
Dual RX Vega GPUs run Prey at 4K Ultra IQ settings

Why did AMD use two Radeon RX Vega cards to run a Bethesda title in 4K? Was a single Vega GPU not sufficient to maintain stable high frame rates when it is quite possible for one of Nvidia’s current high-end graphics cards? The noticeable tearing only added to the controversy.

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This forced Raja Koduri, AMD’s Senior Vice President and Chief Architect at Radeon Technologies Group, to comment and clarify the misunderstanding surrounding the performance of the RX Vega graphics in Prey.

According to Raja, the demonstration of a Crossfire system was meant to present the high I/O capabilities of the Ryzen Threadripper which boasts 64 PCIe lanes.

Raja further stated that the Prey demo was running about 60FPS and comfortably above any single GPU. ‘About 60’ doesn’t sound good, does it? Thankfully, the Radeon boss later explained that he meant ‘above’ instead of ‘about’.

It seems that the flagship Radeon RX Vega is going to be more powerful than the GTX 1080 but less than the GTX 1080 Ti. After all, the 1080 Ti is capable of running Prey in 4K with 60FPS. This should explain why AMD decided to use dual RX Vega to demo Prey in 4K.

AMD’s first Vega graphics card, the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition, will hit the market on June 27. The gaming-optimized RX Vega will launch later during the Siggraph conference at the end of July.

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