Intel Next-Gen Core In Works, May Replace Current ‘Core’ Processors by 2022

Intel Skylake performance hit by Meltdown

It seems that Intel is moving away from its tired Core processor architecture to a radical next-gen core technology. Based on a job listing from Intel, the brand-new core processor is currently in the works and may show up in the products that launch in the next four to five years.

For years, Intel has been iterating on its ‘Core’ processor design, delivering steady improvements in terms of CPU performance and power efficiency. However, in past few years, the advancements in processor performance have slowed down.

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Intel building next-gen core (NGC) to replace current Core CPUs

In an effort to keeping Moore’s Law alive, Intel is looking to build next-generation core (NGC) that would presumably deliver a more exciting leap in performance than it has been able to do over the last half-decade or so. The company recently posted a job listing which reads:

“If you are passionate about seeing your ideas go from white board to billions of pieces of silicon, join the ground floor of Intel’s next-generation core (NGC) design team in Hillsboro, Oregon.”

The job listing goes on to say that the person selected for the role will join Intel’s next-gen core design team which has a goal “to build a revolutionary microprocessor core to power the next decade of computing and create experiences we have yet to dream up.”

At this point, it’s hard to know when this next-gen core will land into a shipping product. Obviously, it takes a long time to build a processor core from scratch—we’re talking about a time period of four years, if not longer.

Intel first posted the job listing for an NGC engineer about five months ago on LinkedIn. So assuming the company formally kick-started the project in January 2017, we could see this core in products around 2021-2022.

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