Lost Ark Song of The Deep Sea: A Complete Guide

Are you eager to complete the Song of The Deep Sea quest in Lost Ark, but don’t know where to begin? Fear not, for this guide will assist you in not only completing the quest, but also any prerequisite quests you must complete to unlock it.

How to Complete Song of The Deep Sea Quest in Lost Ark

To embark on the journey to complete the Song of The Deep Sea quest, you must first complete the Oblivion Sea Dungeon. This dungeon serves as the opening chapter of the broader questline known as Payton Void. The Oblivion Sea Dungeon itself is not excessively complicated, as you must simply plunge into the ocean’s depths and vanquish the enemy bosses that lay in wait. However, completing this dungeon is vital in unlocking the Song of The Deep Sea quest and progressing further into Payton Void.

Oblivion Sea Dungeon Quest: Diving Deep into the Unknown

To begin the Oblivion Sea Dungeon quest, your eight-man party will be divided into two groups of four. The first phase of the quest requires you to don a wetsuit and dive into the ocean, where you’ll be presented with two variations of the suit. One will have a power fist, while the other will have a harpoon as your weapon. The suits provide a stable oxygen supply, so you won’t have to worry about running out of oxygen.

Oblivion Sea Dungeon quest

Once you arrive, you can test your abilities with just a cooldown time and no mana cost. Your mission is to explore the underwater world and kill some fish. After both groups have finished their rampage, you’ll move onto the next stage, where you’ll encounter the first boss. This is a relatively easy boss to defeat, so you shouldn’t face many problems here.

Deep Sea Varangus Boss Fight: Beware the Red Bubbles

While fighting the Deep Sea Varangus boss, you’ll notice randomly appearing red bubbles on the ground that will deal you damage and debuff you. Although they don’t do a lot of damage, the damage stacks up quickly and can kill you before you know it.

Deep Sea Varangus boss fight (red bubbles)

During the fight, a mini-boss in the form of a shark will appear. It’s best to kill it first as it grants a buff to your suit in the form of speed and damage. After killing the mini-boss, you can return to the main boss and finish what you started earlier.

After defeating the first boss, you’ll enter the oxygen phase. In this phase, you won’t have an unlimited supply of oxygen and will need to replenish your oxygen from either a purple flower present all over the map or from standing on top of water bubbles coming out of the ground.

Oxygen phase

Akam the Sea Guard Boss Fight: Two Phases to Victory

The second boss, Akam the Sea Guard, must be defeated in two phases. In the first phase, the boss will use its feet for attacks. In the second phase, the boss will sink into the ground, making it immobile, and use its tentacles for attacks.

While fighting the second boss, a giant red bubble will appear on the ground randomly, causing damage. You can avoid the damage by going into the safe zone, which is a small white circle where the big red circle originates from. After the circle disappears, return to fighting the boss until it’s defeated.

Akam the Sea Guard boss fight

In conclusion, completing the Song of The Deep Sea quest in Lost Ark requires completing the Oblivion Sea Dungeon, which involves diving deep into the ocean and fighting off enemy bosses. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to victory. Good luck, and happy diving!

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