Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake Core i7 to launch in H2 2017, +15% faster than Kaby Lake

Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake and Z370 motherboards - Q4 2017 Launch

Intel 8th gen Core i7 processor will be more than 15 percent faster than current Kaby Lake chips, the company revealed during its annual investors meeting Thursday. The new processors will be based on an updated version of the 14nm process and are scheduled to launch in the second half of the year.

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Intel didn’t mention which processor family these 8th generation chips will fall under, but it does refer to the whole process as “Advancing Moore’s Law on 14 nm.” This means these chips aren’t part of the 10nm Cannonlake family which is also expected to launch later this year. Neither would it be Kaby Lake-X which falls under the Core i7-7000 series branding.

Intel 8th Gen Core i7 on 14nm: More than 15% Performance boost over Last Gen CPUs

Our guess would be Coffee Lake processors despite previous reports indicating a Q1 2018 launch. There is a very good chance that Intel may be pushing forward the launch of Coffee Lake processors to the end of this year in light of the Ryzen threat from AMD.

Intel 8th Gen Core i7 Coffee Lake Roadmap

While Intel is confident that its Kaby Lake chips would be enough to tackle Ryzen, the new 8th gen processors would deliver increased performance throughput on the current 14nm process.

Kaby Lake received 10% boost in performance over Skylake. There were no IPC improvements but gains were delivered thanks to the clock speed bump. Now, Intel 8th gen Coffee Lake Core i7 is expected to offer 15% better performance than Kaby Lake itself, so we’re looking at around 20-30% increase in speed compared to Skylake.

The Coffee Lake (CFL) will be available in various versions, including the first mainstream chips with up to 6 cores and an integrated graphics units from Intel.

The desktop Coffee Lake-S processors will be comprised of two variants, a 4+2 (Quad Core + GT2 Graphics) and 6+2 (Hexa Core + GT2 Graphics). In addition to getting more cores, mainstream users would also be able to take advantage of improved process technologies and a brand-new Socket R platform.

Similar to desktop parts, Coffee Lake-H series will also get hexa-cores, bringing a big update to notebook users. For enthusiast PC builders, Intel plans to launch high-end Coffee Lake-X processors with a 6+2 die configuration.

Intel 8th gen Core i7 processors are set to launch in the second half of the year so we should expect more details at Computex 2017 being held from 30th May to the 3rd June 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan.

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