Over 92% of Steam users still play in 1080p and lower

Steam survey: 1080p vs 4K PC gamers

With the new generations of graphics cards focused on providing better performance at higher resolutions, one can imagine PC gamers to be largely ready to move beyond 1080p. But the latest Steam Hardware survey shows that only a small fraction of players play at 1440p and 4K, while the rest are still stuck at 1080p and below.

According to the statistics, 1920 x 1080 is the most popular resolution, accounting for over 62% of Steam users. This primary display resolution saw a growth of 1.4% month-on-month. More than 30% play at even lower pixel, of which 13% use the budget laptop-friendly 1366 x 768.

Moving beyond 1080p, the 2560 x 1440 has a share just under 4%, while the intensely demanding 4K barely hits 1%. Similarly, ultra-wide resolutions, including 2560 x 1080 and 3440 x 1440, account for 1% each. As few as half a percent players still play at 1024 x 768.

You can find details of other popular components in the full September survey. For an overview, Windows 10 64-bit is the most common operating system on the platform, with a share of 60.17%. Windows 7 64-bit is its closest competitor which sits at 30.01%.

On the hardware side, for the nth month in a row, the Nvidia GTX 1060 is the most popular GPU powering PCs of more than 14% Steam players. Next in line is the GTX 1050 Ti which claims a total share of 9.7% followed by the regular GTX 1050 with a 5.13% share. All the three 10-series GPUs saw growth in usage in September, though it was less than 1% for each.

Things look rather bleak for AMD which has its most popular Radeon R7 Graphics even behind Intel’s HD Graphics 4000. VRAM between 2 and 4GB seem to dominate, which makes sense considering 1080p is by far the primary desktop resolution.

Unsurprisingly, Intel continues to lead the CPU pack, with a whopping 83.89% share versus AMD’s 16.08%. Specific models aren’t listed though quad-core Intel CPUs clocked between 3.3GHz and 3.69GHz are most popular popular among PC gamers.

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