Honkai Star Rail: Mini-Neutron Bomb Location & Use Guide

How to get and use Mini-Neutron Bomb in Honkai Star Rail

The Mini-Neutron Bomb is a mission item in Honkai: Star Rail. This item can be found while exploring the Xianzhou Luofu. In this guide, we discuss how to find the Mini-Neutron Bomb in the game and what you can do with it.

What is Mini-Neutron Bomb?

The description of the Mini-Neutron Bomb in Honkai Star Rail is as follows:

A small nuclear weapon. Its countdown will begin automatically when it no longer detects the registrant’s vital signs – In other words, you can’t just throw it away.
Maybe we can chuck it in a lake somewhere…

Where to Find the Mini-Neutron Bomb in Honkai: Star Rail

Mini-Neutron Bomb in Star Rail
Mini-Neutron Bomb in Honkai: Star Rail

You can find the Mini-Neutron Bomb at the Central port of the Starskiff Haven in the Xianzhou Luofu. The item is hidden in a package stack in northwest of the map. As you approach the pack stack, you will see a twinkle indicating that you can interact with the packs.

The following screenshots shows the exact location of the Mini-Neutron Bomb:

Mini-Neutron Bomb location on the map in Star Rail
Mini-Neutron Bomb Location

How to Use the Mini-Neutron Bomb

The use of the Mini-Neutron Bomb in Honkai Star Rail is still a mystery. The Mini-Neutron Bomb is a mission item with no label as to which mission it belongs. There are several of these puzzling items in Star Rail, such as the Delicate Snow Globe and Praise of High Morals.

As per the in-game description above, you have to try to chuck it in a lake somewhere, however, Star Rail does not currently have appropriate water bodies.

So far we have found one clue for the Mini-Neutron Bomb. This is related to Watson who is an NPC aboard Herta Space Station. She can be found next to the Reception Center anchor in the Base Zone. If you speak to her, you will learn about an atomic bomb.

This could be a reference to the Mini-Neutron Bomb, as it is also a nuclear weapon. Whether the trail goes further or we have to wait for an upcoming update in Honkai Star Rail to use this mission item is yet to be seen.

Also, it’s worth noting that the inclusion of the Mini-Neutron Bomb is a clever nod to Death Stranding. In one of the quests, the protagonist faced the challenge of transporting a small bomb that would detonate upon discarding. However, Sam ingeniously found a suitable lake to dispose of the miniature nuclear weapon safely.

Now you have all the essential information on how to get and use the Mini-Neutron Bomb. This unique item may perplex some players, but we suggest acquiring it and patiently awaiting future game updates with new locations. Perhaps then, you will come across an appropriate water body for its proper utilization.

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