AMD Ryzen Release Date: CPU Scheduled to Launch Before GDC 2017

AMD Ryzen refresh to be called KYZEN?

Last month, AMD unveiled its upcoming Ryzen CPU during the New Horizon event – but the company chose not to disclose when the chips will be made available. Now, it seems that we might have a greater clarity into the Ryzen release date thanks to a slip-up in the annual Game Developer Conference (GDC) session listing.

AMD Ryzen Release Date Revealed by GDC Talk

AMD’s developer technology engineers Ken Mitchell and Elliot Kim are set to deliver a GDC session entitled “Optimizing for AMD Ryzen CPU.” The session is all about introducing game developers to the finer details of the company’s next-generation Zen architecture.

Credit: AnandTech

The exact time and date of the AMD presentation are still to be determined, but the opening sentence in its description gives us a good indication of the Ryzen release date.

The blurb makes reference to the “recently launched AMD Ryzen CPU,” which indicates that the chip is scheduled to launch ahead of GDC 2017, which runs from February 27 through March 3.

AMD CEO Lisa Su has previously stated that the company plans to launch the Ryzen CPU in the first quarter of 2017. It certainly seems that the graphics giant is on track to meet this goal and take fight to Intel.

The release of Ryzen before the end of February also makes sense considering following the launch, the GDC 2017 would be a great opportunity to get developers on board. At the conference, AMD could disseminate information about Ryzen’s advanced optimization and how to get the best out the new CPU.

Ryzen CPU Clock Speeds and Overclockability

At the New Horizon event, AMD showcased their 8-core Summit Ridge Ryzen processor. The CPU was running at 3.4GHz base clock and delivered performance on par with a higher-clocked Intel Broadwell-E chip in rendering and gaming demos.

Later, at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, AMD demoed the Ryzen flagship CPU. This demo was using F3 stepping that was clocked at an impressive 3.6GHz base and could boost up to 3.9GHz. According to rumors from French PC magazine Canard PC Hardware, the Ryzen F4 stepping has already been finalized which has a slightly higher 4.0GHz turbo frequency.

Credit: Hardwareluxx.de

As for the overclocking, all AMD Zen-based processors will be universally overclockable as they come with an unlocked multiplier. Based on early testing again from CPCHardware, the Ryzen CPU is rumored to hit a single core OC of 5GHz on air. Which is pretty impressive isn’t it?

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