LG G6 Specs: 5.7″ QHD+ 18:9 Display, New Voice Assistant, SD835 and More

As we’re getting closer to the launch of the LG G6, leaks and details are coming in thick and fast. More recently, LG Display has announced a new QHD+ display panel, which will be the world’s first 18:9 QHD LCD. According to The Korea Herald, LG will be using this new QHD+ panel on its upcoming G6 flagship.

LG G6 to feature Ultra-wide Quad HD Plus LCD screen

The QHD+ refers to 1,440 x 2,880 resolution, or 564 pixels per inch, which is slightly wider than 1,440 x 2,560 resolution of the standard QHD display. The unusual aspect ratio of 18:9 will offer greater immersion than the previous QHD LCD and open up new multitasking possibilities via Nougat’s dual-screen feature.

The South Korean firm is likely to apply its proprietary in-TOUCH technology to the new panel, which embeds the touch sensor inside of the LCD screen offering ameliorated touch experience to users.

In addition to this, the technology doesn’t require touch cover glass which helps make smartphones slimmer by reducing the thickness of the panel and width of the bezel all around. The new QHD+ panel is only a millimeter thick. The bezel width has been reduced 0.2 millimeter on the sides and 0.54 millimeter on the bottom compared to the company’s previous display.

According to LG, the power consumption of the 18:9 panel has fallen by 30 percent than its predecessor, while the transmittance rate has increased 10 percent offering better readability to users under sunlight.

G6 Might Get a Google or Amazon-Powered Voice Assistant

At the moment, pretty much all Android phones come with a voice assistant in the form of Google Now; Pixel handsets are an exception though, which feature the new Google Platform. Rumor has it that LG G6 is also getting a brand-new AI assistant that could be powered by Google or Amazon.

The Android maker has previously stated that it will keep the Google Assistant exclusive to its Pixel phones for now. Unless Google decides to change its plans (which we doubt), it’s likely that LG might use Amazon’s Alexa, especially when we consider the fact that Huawei has already announced that its Mate 9 will come preloaded with Alexa.

That being said, there’s nothing concrete about the report yet, so we would advise you to take it with the proverbial grain of salt.

LG G6 Specs and Release Date Rumors

There are hardly any details known about other specifications of the LG G6 till now. If previous reports are to be believed, the 2017 flagship phone from the company sports a 5.7-inch display and is powered by Qualcomm’s latest and greatest Snapdragon 835 processor.

The phone is rumored to feature MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) technology for mobile payments, as well as NFC and wireless charging. Some reports also suggest that it will be the company’s first-ever flagship device to boast water-proof capability. If this is accurate, LG will likely go with the non-removable battery option.

Last but not least, LG has already confirmed that G6 will be moving away from the modular design that was introduced in the G5 last year. Reportedly, G5’s poor sales figures and its production complexity are the main reasons for the company to abandon its modularisation initiative.

As for the launch, LG is expected to unveil the G6 at MWC 2017, which begins on February 27. The release is planned for March 10.

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