AMD B350 Motherboard Chipset Doesn’t Support SLI, but CrossFire

AGESA update for Ryzen - AM4 motherboard BIOSes

New information has surfaced on the web which suggests that the AMD B350 chipset for AM4 motherboards doesn’t support SLI. This comes via documents which are still under NDA despite new Ryzen 7 CPUs and AM4 motherboards being available for pre-orders.

AM4 Motherboards: No SLI Support on AMD B350 chipset

Originally reported by ComputerBase, the documents released under NDA to reviewers reveal that the AMD B350 motherboard chipset offers no SLI support, but it does support multi-GPU through CrossFire.

The B350 is the budget-oriented chipset, so multi-GPU may not be concern of many, but it’s still worth to know beforehand if you’re looking for a new motherboard.

The AMD AM4 platform will unify the company’s CPU and APU offerings. It is based on the Promontory chipset which features five SKUs. These include X370 (enthusiast), B350 (mainstream), A320 (essential), X300 (enthusiast SFF) and A300 (essential SFF).

AMD has plans to offer a total of 42 new AM4 motherboards at launch which will be made available through its board partners.

AM4 Motherboards - AMD B350 No SLI Support

AMD B350 is the mainstream AM4 motherboard chipset. It replaces the 970 and A78 platforms, offering up to 70% power efficiency over the predecessor AM3+. This is coupled with 22% more bandwidth thanks to the latest DDR4 memory controller.

The B350 chipset offers the most value in terms of I/O and functionality. It features less lanes compared to the enthusiast X370, but does retain overclocking support for all future AM4 CPUs.

Being part of the AM4 platform, AMD B350 offers various new I/O capabilities, including DDR4-2400 MHz memory, PCIe Gen 3.0, USB 3.1 Gen 2, NVMe and SATA Express support.

Aside from AM4 motherboards, AMD also offers new thermal solutions for Ryzen based on the the beloved Wraith cooler which debuted last year. The next-gen Wraith includes Wraith Max, Wraith Spire and Wraith Stealth, offering reliable and near-silent performance Ryzen owners would expect from the brand.

AMD Wraith Max

Especially, the new fan types will help Black Edition 95W Ryzen CPUs achieve better overclocking thanks to AMD’s new “auto-overclocking” eXtended Frequency Range (XFR) technology. You can read more about Ryzen 7 Wraith coolers here.

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