Xbox One X CPU Performance One-Third of AMD Ryzen: Crytek

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro graphics analysis

Since the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One X, a number of officials from both more and less well-known developer studios have expressed their views on the console performance. The latest to join the list is Crytek product manager Collin Bishop who talked about Xbox One X CPU and GPU performance compared with PC.

According to Bishop, Microsoft’s latest console is comparable to a “standard gaming PC” in terms of graphics, however, there is a large difference when it comes to CPU. Here, an AMD Ryzen-powered PC would easily surpass the One X, which features a Jaguar CPU.

Crytek on Xbox One X CPU and GPU Performance Vs. Gaming PC

Microsoft touts Xbox One X as the most powerful console ever made. Featuring 6 TFLOPs of compute power, the device is capable of running games at 4K native or near-native resolution, with some titles playable at up to 60 frames per second. Indeed, the console was designed to tacke specifically 4K gaming, notes Bishop in a interview with GamingBolt.

The product manager at Germany-based video game company says Redmond has allowed developers to extract all the power out of Xbox One X hardware that they need to. Meaning, the console should be able to to even run the most graphically demading AAA titles in 4K (native or otherwise using checkerboard rendering). When asked how does it fare against a gaming PC, Bishop said:

The Xbox One X is very comparable to the standard gaming PC on the GPU end. It will be on the CPU end that you will find the PC to still be outshining the console. This will always be the scenario given you can trade out and customize the hardware.

We can look at the AMD Jaguar CPU and how this lines up to the Ryzen line; however, at first glance, we see that the performance is roughly one-third or one-half.

Xbox One X CPU and GPU performance

The Scorpio graphics processor is generally considered to be on par with AMD Radeon RX 580 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060. While both of those PC graphics cards are aimed at 1440p gaming, Xbox One X packs more RAM capacity (12Gb GDDR5) coupled with a higher bandwidth of 326GB/s (almost equivalent to GeForce Titan Xp) that enable it to do 4K gaming.

On the CPU side however, Microsoft still uses the Jaguar cores, which AMD developed as a low-power micro architecture. The only difference from the last generation is that it is clocked at 2.3GHz instead of 1.75GHz, which should account for around 30% faster performance – at least on paper.

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