Intel Core i7-8809G with Vega M Graphics appears to be coming on Desktop

Intel Core i7-8809G with Vega M graphics

One of Intel’s first Kaby Lake-G processors with AMD’s Radeon Vega graphics has popped up on their website. The processor in question is the the Intel Core i7-8809G, which was listed in a comparison table of the Intel overclockable processors here. The listing has since been removed, but it did confirm some key specifications of the upcoming hybrid Intel/AMD chip.

Intel accidentally unveils Core i7-8809G Kaby Lake-G Specs – Vega M GH Graphics, 3.1GHz Base, 100W TDP

In early November, Intel announced they will be producing a Core-H series processor that incorporated custom GPU cores from AMD and on-board HBM2 memory. The processor would use a multi-chip module (MCM) design, as well as leverage the Intel Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB), allowing for a thinner than ever SoC with increased performance and better power efficiency over traditional integrated GPUs.

The company didn’t reveal further tech details, however, a couple of days later a Kaby Lake-G processor was photographed installed on an Intel NUC motherboard. The product matched the appearance of the MCM chip featuring Vega integrated graphics and a dedicated HBM2 memory stack on-package.

Intel Kaby Lake-G processor with AMD Vega graphics

Fast forward today, Intel’s Indian website has published a number of details regarding the company’s first Core-H processor. The Core i7-8809G is listed as being a quad-core processor with hyperthreading capability, offering a 3.1GHz base clock frequency. It has an 8 MB L3 cache and supports dual-channel DDR4-2400 memory, which means this G-series processor is all but a Kaby Lake based chip.

Further, the package graphics (pGPU) portion of the chip is listed as ‘Vega M GH Graphics’, though the meaning of ‘GH’ is unknown at this point. Also, there is also no mention of how much HBM2 memory is attached to it, but you can expect it to be 4GB.

Intel Core i7-8809G listing

The total TDP for the package is rated at 100W. The CPU part of the SoC will likely consume around 45W based on its lower clock speed and limited core count, while the the rest of the ~55W TDP headroom will be given to graphics. That should be enough for a 24 CU Vega design as speculated earlier, giving it 1,536 GCN cores.

Last but not least, from the initial announcement and the renders released by Intel, it looked like a mobile release. However, the Intel Core i7-8809G is listed among its overclockable desktop processors, suggesting that the product could be coming on the desktop – although it’s unlikely to drop into the existing Z370 platform.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more details in the coming days, possibly at the CES 2018 which begins next week, January 9th. Some products powered by the new Kaby Lake-G processors are rumored to be showcased at the event.

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