Quantum Break on Xbox One X: 1440p Upgrade ruined by Visual bugs

Quantum Break Xbox One X version

The Xbox One X version of Quantum Break is a big upgrade in terms of resolution and performance. The game looks quite good on a 4K display and runs great as well, but unfortunately there are several distracting visual artefacts that dramatically impact image quality.

Quantum Break was a stand-out experience when it launched on Xbox One, however the only problem was its 720p resolution. Despite its stunning graphics, the game looked pretty blurry on 1080p displays. With an Xbox One X upgrade, Quantum Break now runs at 1440p which can be scaled up to 4K via temporal filtering technique.

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In addition to this, Remedy Entertainment has made several performance optimizations to ensure the game hits a stable 30 FPS. Not everything is smooth and polished though, as Xbox One X version suffers from many strange visual artifacts and other glitches.

“Many surfaces in the game now exhibit highly distracting visual noise and flicker that ruin the stability of the image,” notes Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry in a report. A lot of Quantum Break fans have reported experiencing this issue over the past few weeks, so it’s definitely not gone unnoticed.

The root cause of these visual issues is unknown at the moment. Some believe that it’s a dashboard-related issue, while others blame software for it. Digital Foundry explains:

These flaws become less bothersome once you step outdoors into the warehouses and the other buildings around the campus. It’s mainly the lab environments, of which there are many in Quantum Break, that highlight the effect at its worst.

Clearly something is wrong that is making the game seem unoptimized. Hopefully the developer is aware of it and is working on a patch to fix the issues. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.

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