Intel’s Vega is a Human; No Mobile CPUs with AMD Vega Inside Coming

Rumors of a graphics licensing deal between Intel and AMD are nothing new. They popped up a number of times in the past, and while Intel denied existence of any such deal back in May, a slide recently leaked out hinting at Intel mobile CPUs with Vega inside.

The image apparently taken from one of Intel’s offices emerged on the Internet a couple of days ago. The text on the image follows the usual Intel marketing catchphrase format, reading, “Vega Inside, Mobile performance outside.” That makes it seem like the two industry rivals may be working together on a mobile GPU.

Intel Mobile CPUs with Vega inside?

Intel has released the 8th Gen Coffee Lake desktop processors but the company is yet to unveil their new series of mobile processors. The lineup will include Coffee Lake-H, followed by Cannon Lake-Y that will be based on their 10nm process technology.

Some speculated the product coming out of Intel-AMD collab could be a multi-chip module (MCM) that Team Blue unveiled during their Technology and Manufacturing Day keynote. The MCM design may feature Cannon Lake-Y with Vega graphics on board.

Turns out that was all just wishful thinking. The image has nothing to do with AMD’s RX Vega at all. It was actually part of an Intel employee recognition campaign that took place around their HQ in 2015.

No graphics deal between Intel and AMD

The campaign was plastered all over Intel’s offices to celebrate their employees, and everything they’ve accomplished. It just so happens that an individual with the first name Vega is an Intel employee, or at least, they were at the time of the campaign. What’s even more of a coincidence, Mr. Vega used to work at the firm’s mobile computing department.

It seems that someone edited this particular picture featuring Vega, to imply a partnership between Intel and AMD. Unfortunately for us, that isn’t happening—at least for now.

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