Delidding Ryzen 7 CPUs: Minimal Gains, but Significant Damage Risk

Delidding Ryzen 7 - Worth It?

The latest testing indicates you should avoid delidding Ryzen 7 CPUs, as the process is not worth the potential reward.

AMD has released three new Ryzen processors: the Ryzen 7 1800X, the 1700X, and the 1700. The CPUs deliver a better performance per dollar value compared to the rival Intel chips. The AMD chips are also designed to be efficient in regard to keeping temps low, but that won’t stop enthusiasts from trying to delid the new CPUs. The questions is, is delidding Ryzen 7 worth the financial risk?

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For those who don’t know, the technique is used by power users to achieve better cooling and faster performance on their hardware. It involves removing the processor’s Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS), which is usually positioned on the die using the thermal paste. Sometimes, users would replace a cheap Thermal Interface Material (TIM) companies use, with a high-performance one.

However, previous reports prevent you from delidding Ryzen 7 CPUs. That’s partly because the Ryzen 7 IHS comes soldered to the chip rather than using the thermal paste like other CPUs. Additionally, it also features sensors for better temperature management, which obviously makes it difficult and risky when taking the lid off the processor.

Delidding cost pro-overclocker Der8auer a total of three Ryzen processors before he was able to do it without damaging the chip. Apparently, AMD has done a darn good job soldering the IHS. Der8auer notes that it’s especially risky to remove the IHS, because there are a number of components surrounding the CPU die on the PCB including resistors and capacitors.

Even after you delid your Ryzen 7 chip, you won’t have many options when it comes to CPU coolers that will be compatible. This is because the silicon around the CPU socket is actually positioned slightly higher than the die itself. Cooler makers didn’t account for that, as the majority of users won’t be delidding Ryzen 7 CPUs.

While Der8auer eventually found a compatible cooler, he did see a minimal reduction in temperature. Below are the temps he achieved with an AMD Ryzen 7 1800X clocked at 3.9GHz.

Maximum Temp Average Temp 
Ryzen 7 1800X Lidded 177.98ºF 169.88ºF
Ryzen 7 1800X Delidded 176.18ºF 163.22ºF

The results show a measly 2ºF decrease in maximum temps on the delidded Ryzen sample. As for overclocking, Der8auer hit 4,000MHz with the lid on, and 4,025MHz with the chip delidded, though he said that could have been luck. Long story short: delidding Ryzen 7 CPUs may not be worth it considering all the effort and risk involved in the process.

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