New Ryzen Microcode update to enable Memory Compatibility with 20+ RAM kits

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AMD is prepping a new Ryzen microcode update that will expand memory support by enabling the automated compatibility with more than 20 RAM kits.

AMD Ryzen processors offer a disruptive value proposition in the mainstream market. But there are two main areas where they fall a bit short compared to the rival Intel chips. One is that gaming performance is less than many expected it to be, and the second is memory compatibility.

AMD already addressed the former, saying the gaming performance will increase in time as more developers start to optimize their games for Ryzen. In regards to the latter, a new microcode update is on its way to expand memory support for Zen based CPUs.

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A representative for Gigabyte confirmed via a forum post that the Ryzen AGESA 1006 microcode is going to add 20+ memory registers. The update would enable direct plug and play compatibility with existing DDR4 memory modules, especially higher clocked DIMMs.

The new Ryzen microcode update will be rolled out later this month. The fixes and improvements in the pipeline will be in addition to the ones AMD already introduced with its AGESA microcode update that it released last month.

Ryzen users reported seeing the best results with DDR4 memory kits that feature Samsung’s B die memory chips. AMD itself confirmed this, saying the aforementioned chips offer the best out of the box compatibility with Ryzen processors.

Ryzen Microcode update - Memory compatibility

So if you’re shopping for memory, your best bet is to purchase modules with the Samsung B die DDR4 chips. Here’s a list of all available models that have these memory chips courtesy of a Reddit user Wiidesire.

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Make sure you look for a memory kit that’s listed in your motherboard’s compatibility list so that you don’t have to bother inputting the memory timings yourself to hit advertised speed and latencies.

The Gigabyte rep also revealed that the BIOS update for Gigabyte motherboards will resolve the cold boot or “soft brick” issue that could result from BIOS file corruption. Moreover, it will include support for manually disabling LAN, audio and specific PCIe slots.

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