AMD develops Ryzen Overclocking Utility for Per Core Overclocking

AMD Ryzen refresh to be called KYZEN?

AMD Ryzen overclocking utility is in the works, and the latest screenshot shows that it allows control of clock speeds for individual cores.

AMD Ryzen CPU Spotted Running under LN2 Cooling

We previously reported that AMD has sent Ryzen samples to reviewers and it seems like some have already started testing the new enthusiast chips under extreme cooling. A Korean computer site HWBattle has received an AMD Ryzen review sample and AM4 motherboard based on the X370 chipset which they are apparently running under LN2 cooling.

Folks over at HWBattle received their sample of Ryzen processor in the same box that AMD has been sesnding out to press since the Bulldozer days. The tests were conducted on a top-notch Biostar Racing X370 GT7 motherboard featuring AM4 socket.

AMD Ryzen overclocking - CPU under LN2 cooling

The photo above clearly shows that the whole test rig is in operation mode. The Ryzen CPU is running under LN2 cooling with temperature as low as -29C. The site doesn’t reveal which model is being used here but it does report that the new samples come with Cold Bug fixed, which has plagued AMD chips for a long.

AMD Ryzen Overclocking Utility Offers Per Core Overclocking

There’s another interesting picture of what appears to be a dedicated overclocking utility for AMD Ryzen processors. The screenshot below is blurred out but we can see that the system is running an 8-core, 16-thread Ryzen chip and the overclocking utility just next to CPU-Z.

Screenshot - AMD Ryzen Overclocking Utility

The Ryzen overclocking utility allows control of clock speeds for individual cores using sliders that can be turned up and down. There are tons of other settings as well, that you might expect from an overclocking utility.

Some of these are related to AMD’s newest eXtended Frequency Range (XFR) which is a fully automated technology that allows Ryzen chips to achieve frequencies above and beyond default boost clocks depending on the cooling solution being used.

AMD Ryzen Full Lineup with 8, 6 & 4 Core Models Launching Next Month

The Ryzen CPU lineup includes five 8-core models, four 6-core models and eight 4-core models. All models feature an unlocked multiplier to support overclocking right out of the box.

Each series has at least one Black Edition featuring XFR for better overclocking as mentioned above. There are two Black Edition 8-core CPUs, one Black Edition 6-core and two Black Edition 4-core CPUs. The Black Edition 95W Ryzen CPUs are likely to be paired with high-end updated Wraith cooler.

AMD will officially launch its Ryzen processors on 2nd March. The Ryzen launch will be accompanied by a full range of AM4 motherboards which will be aimed at the casual, gaming and enthusiast audience.

For more details on AMD Ryzen full lineup pricing, specs and clock speeds, click here.

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