Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti to be Unveiled on February 28 at GeForce GTX Gaming event?

Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti specs, price and launch date

Nvidia is officially hosting an event known as “GeForce GTX Gaming Celebration” on February 28 during GDC 2017 where the company may unveil its flagship GTX 1080 Ti graphics card.

Nvidia could make a surprise GTX 1080 Ti Unveiling on Feb. 28

The event will be aimed at the GeForce gaming community, but there are no details on whether it’s related to an enthusiast class GTX 1080 Ti launch or, simply planned to bring together gamers for GeForce celebration. This is what Nvidia had to say in its press release:

You’re invited to attend the GeForce GTX gaming celebration!

Come join us for an evening of awesome PC gaming, hardware, tournaments and of course free food, drinks and a few other amazing surprises.

Doors will open at 6:30 PM and the event will start promptly at 7 PM.

The celebration will take place in downtown San Francisco, CA. Venue address will be released the week of.

First come, first served, so please be sure to register and come early to get your game on. Limit one ticket per person.

You won’t want to miss this.

Nvidia GeForce Gaming - GTX 1080 Ti unveil

Nvidia shared event details via Eventbrite, the same site that told us about AMD’s live-streamed Capsaicin & Cream event planned which takes place on the same day. Rumors have it that AMD might give a glimpse of its next-gen Vega architecture at the event.

It’s also entirely possible for Nvidia to announce their new card at the same time since it’s almost a year since the first Pascal based cards were unveiled. Keep in mind it’s entirely a guess; we’ll know exactly what the event is all about on 28th of this month. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the rumored specs of the upcoming GTX 1080 Ti.

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Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti Specs (Rumored)

The existence of the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti has already been confirmed by Nvidia via a job posting over at LinkedIn which appeared back in December. The job listing suggests GeForce Experience users running a GTX 980 Ti will be the first in line to avail 1080 Ti pre-orders.

Aimed at the enthusiast PC gamers, GTX 1080 Ti will be last Pascal-based card before Nvidia unveils their next generation Volta architecture.

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti will be based on a modestly cut-down GP102 silicon that is powering the refreshed Titan X graphical powerhouse. Built using the 16nm FinFET process, the GPU is rumored to sport 3,328 CUDA cores which is a hefty advantage over GTX 1080’s 2,560 core count, indicating 1080 Ti will be mighty 4K gamer.

Pascal GP102 GPU - GTX 1080 Ti unveiling and launch

The GTX 1080 Ti is likely to be running at higher clock speeds than the Titan X, while the memory is reportedly configured at 10GB GDDR5X versus 12GB GDDR5X on its bigger brother. Finally, the card has TDP rated at the same 250W.

Performance-wise, GTX 1080 Ti will likely be a little off the pace compared to the other GP102-powered card. But, I’d still expect to deliver a solid 60fps performance in most modern DX12 games running at 4K.

Given the impressive performance it delivers, the 1080 Ti isn’t going to be a particularly affordable graphics card and might launch at around $800 price point. While we’re expecting GTX 1080 Ti unveiling at GDC 2017, Nvidia is rumored to launch their new card on March 10 at the PAX East event in Boston.

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