AMD Polaris based Radeon RX 640 and 630 Spotted

AMD RX 600 series rumored

Recently, two new AMD graphics cards have been shared over at TechPowerUp forums. These include the Radeon RX 640 and Radeon 630, both of which surprisingly don’t use the next-generation architecture, but they are still based on the older Polaris GPU.

AMD Polaris Rebranded 600 Series Coming?

The Radeon RX 640 and Radeon 630 have been discovered in the INF file of AMD’s latest Radeon driver. Both the cards use the same device IDs as the current 500X series Polaris cards, which means they are likely the rebranded parts.

As it appears, the Radeon RX 640 is a re-brand of the RX 550X, which is based on the Polaris 23 XT GPU. The Polaris 23 XT itself is a revised version of the Polaris 21 GPU. The Radeon 630, on the other hand, is a re-brand of the RX 540X (mobile only), which is based on the Polaris 23 MXL GPU.

AMD Radeon RX 640 and 630 based on the RX 500X series (Rumor)

Assuming AMD is planning an RX 600 series, what would become of the 7nm Navi based RX 3000 series cards? Does this essentially prove all the previous leaks and rumors to be wrong since everything so far has been about the RX 3000 series? Well, there are a couple of possible scenarios that can explain this better.

For example, the Polaris re-brand could easily be used for just the lowest tier cards, while Navi – which is definitely going to show up – will be made for more of the the mid to high-end graphics cards.

This way AMD will be able to offer all Navi based SKUs in the RX 3000 series, and rebranded Polaris cards in the RX 600, so to avoid customers of any confusion.

The other possibility is that the low-end graphics chips will also be based on Navi, but AMD may not release them initially; instead it’ll focus on the performance-grade GPUs designed for serious gamers.

In this scenario, the RX 600 series could end up being a cheap iGPU replacement for systems that lack AMD’s refreshed “Picasso” APU.

With that said, AMD hasn’t yet confirmed anything about the RX 600 series, so I’d recommend you to take it all with a hefty pinch of salt. The company is expected to unveil its next-gen Navi based graphics cards soon at Computex 2019.

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