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AMD’s new Crimson Relive Redux to bring OSD Performance Monitoring

AMD Crimson Relive Redux driver update

It’s about that time of the year, and new details have just surfaced about AMD’s next major driver update. The update is purportedly called Crimson ReLive Redux, which could expand the ReLive in-game overlay to include performance monitoring features.

As part of their Radeon tradition, AMD releases a new big driver update every year around the holidays. Last year, the company released Crimson Relive, bringing a dozen of new features including the headline-grabbing “Relive” gameplay capture which the driver was named after.

In the year prior, the company overhauled their “traditional” Catalyst UI by introducing Radeon Software, which delivered a host of other improvements as well.

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The new Crimson Relive Redux introduces built-in on-screen-display (OSD) performance monitoring features. These offer the ability to both display and record a plethora of metrics, including:

  • Framerates
  • GPU utilization
  • GPU clock speeds
  • GPU temperature
  • GPU power
  • GPU fan tachometery
  • vRAM utilization
  • vRAM clock speeds
  • CPU utilization
  • CPU clock speeds
  • System RAM utilization

The details come via a fan going by the name of BlazeK_AMDRT who posted a screenshot with the slick overlay UI. As shown on the screenshot, an AMD GPU runs at 3.2 GHz though we don’t know which specific GPU is it.

Crimson Relive Redux - Radeon settings

Built-in driver OSD performance monitoring is something AMD fans have been asking for since the release of the Crimson Relive last year, so this should come as a welcome news for a lot of Radeon users.

In addition to this, there should be several other new features as is usually the case with these major driver updates. The new driver package is also expected to bring performance improvements for a wide range of gamers.

The AMD Crimson Relive Redux will land sometime next month. We’ll bring you all of the details on this driver update, so stay tuned!

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