AMD Forgot How to launch a new CPU, says partner Vendor over Missing AM4 Motherboards

AGESA update for Ryzen - AM4 motherboard BIOSes

AMD Ryzen are the most disruptive desktop processors from the company in a decade. The new 8-core, 16-thread Ryzen 7 chips offer a killer multithreading performance at half the price of the rival Intel CPUs. The processors are easily available on the market, but one thing that can hold you back from building a Ryzen PC is the shortage of AM4 motherboards.

Most of the boards based on AMD’s X370 and B350 chipsets are out of stock right now, no matter what brand you’re looking for. According to the firm, strong demand for Ryzen is the culprit of the lack of AM4 motherboard choices.

“Demand for Ryzen 7 does exceed our motherboard partners’ initial expectations. Our partners are rapidly ramping up shipments, and we expect sufficient motherboard supply in a few weeks,” said John Taylor, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Marketing at AMD.

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However, board makers have a completely different story to tell. A manufacturer that chose to remain anonymous, told LegitReviews that the shortage of AM4 motherboards is all AMD’s fault. There are lots of irregularities in the way the company coordinates with its partner board makers.

AM4 Motherboard from ASRock
ASRock Fatal1ty X370 Professional Gaming

According to the source, AMD kept Ryzen supply quantity secret and shared details only two weeks before the launch. Furthermore, their BIOS team has been terrible at supporting the launch platform partners on BIOS microcode and driver updates.

In general, it’s been too long for AMD to launch a new CPU, so they forgot how to do it, so they launched the CPU just like they were launching the graphics card. They didn’t care about the platform eco-system, so the eco-system is suffering and stock is delayed.

Aside from the shortage of AM4 motherboards, the Ryzen CPUs are also currently suffering from memory limitation issue. This has apparently affected the performance of processors, especially in gaming tasks.

The company said it’s working with partner board manufacturers to sort out issues, and will release a patch for the implemented fixes soon. It seems like there’s still a lot of potential on Ryzen that board makers could tap into.

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