PlayStation 5 with Ryzen rumored to Launch in 2020 for $500

Sony PS5 graphics power

Ever since the launch of Xbox One X, Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been the topic of intense interest. While the Japanese giant is yet to confirm the name of its next-generation console, leaks and rumors about it have been making rounds for a while now. Recently, new details have emerged, including the PS5 price and release date.

A Reddit user by the name RuthenicCookie claims that the Sony PlayStation 5 is set to launch in 2020. We’ve been hearing reports relating to the PS5 release date since the start of the year, and when taken into consideration, this could be the earliest date of release. Previous statements from Sony itself were even interpreted so as the PS4 successor appearing in 2021.

The Redditor states that the PlayStation 5 will be enormously powerful and calls it a “monster.” Users should be able to play games in Ultra HD, or 4K, at 60fps. To achieve this feat, the next-gen console from Sony will rely on a processor similar to AMD’s Ryzen with eight cores.

This corresponds to previous rumors suggesting that the PlayStation 5 will be powered by AMD’s Navi GPU and Zen CPU. More details on the hardware specifications are not available yet.

The Redditor, however, did talk about the PS5 pricing, claiming that it will cost $500. If turns out to be true, the new PS console will be $100 more expensive than the current PS4 Pro and sitting at the same price as the Xbox One X.

According to RuthenicCookie, most developers already have the dev kits for the PlayStation 5. The Redditor further states that Sony is prepping hard for the PS5 reveal, which is one of the reasons it decided not to participate at E3 2019 in June.

RuthenicCookie suggests that the PlayStation 5 will be unveiled in a “small event” to be held in the middle of next year, followed by a full reveal through a PlayStation Experience event. The next-gen console will then hit the shelves by November 2020, which will be seven year since the launch of the PlayStation 4.

For games, RuthenicCookie says the upcoming PS4 titles, including Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, and Ghost of Tsushima, will all be PS5 launch games. There is no word yet on the backwards compatibility for the PlayStation 5, but you can expect most of the late PS4 titles to be released on the new console.

While everything about PS5 is just rumor at the moment, RuthenicCookie’s claims are given credence based on his previous record of accurate predictions. The Redditor, in the same thread, correctly claimed that Sony was skipping E3 before any official announcements were made.

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