PS5 Dev Kit specs leak – 2x the graphics performance of Xbox One X

Sony PS5 dev kit leak

Sony recently shared the first official details on its highly anticipated PlayStation 5 console. Although the company talked about the GPU, CPU, and other hardware aspects of the device, it remained mum about many of the specifics.

Nevertheless, a few select developers have already gotten their hands on the PS5 dev kit, and it seems like the console is going to be extremely powerful if recent leaks are to be believed.

In an interview last month, the PlayStation system architect Mark Cerny confirmed that the next-gen console from Sony will sport an AMD Zen 2 CPU coupled with a custom Radeon Navi GPU. Now, a new rumor has surfaced which reveals how much compute performance this Navi GPU is going to deliver.

According to a now-deleted tweet from industry insider Benji-Sales, the Navi GPU inside the PlayStation 5 dev kit is rated at nearly 13 teraflops of compute performance. To put it in perspective, the PS4 Pro delivers 4.2 teraflops while Xbox One X comes with 6 teraflops of graphical potency.

PS5 dev kit specs leak

Assuming this leak is true, we’re looking at roughly twice the graphics performance of the Xbox One X and three times that of the PS4 Pro.

Since both of those current-gen consoles are technically capable of playing titles in 4K, the PlayStation 5 should bring things to the next level complete with real-time ray tracing. In fact, Sony has even teased the PS5’s “8K capability,” which is pretty impressive, isn’t it?

In addition, Benji-Sales says that the PS5 dev kit has a “ton of ultra fast RAM” at its disposal. He didn’t mention the exact number, but if a recent leak is to be believed, there will be a total of 24GB RAM on-board, of which 20GB will be GDDR6 that runs at 880 Gb/s.

The PlayStation 5 will also see a significant upgrade when it comes to hard drive. It will feature an SSD that has a higher raw bandwidth than anything currently available on the consumer market according to Sony.

All of this adds up to a gaming machine that is no less than a “beast” as Benji puts it. That being said, you will still have to wait at least a year before this beast hits the market. The PS5 release date is suggested to be in 2020, probably around the holiday season.

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