[Fixed] Apple Watch Green Snake of Death Error

Fix Apple Watch Green Snake of Death error

Apple entered the market of smartwatches as early adopters, and ever since then the company has been improving its innovation for the best of its users.

However, there are some problems that users may face while using the Apple Watch. Today we will discuss the error where users get a “Green or Red Charging Snake (or Snake of Death)” displayed on the screen!

If you are experiencing the same situation then don’t worry, it often happens due to drainage of battery from the Apple Watch. To understand and fix the issue, follow the steps below:

How to Fix Green or Red Snake of Death on Apple Watch

Below, we have listed 3 effective methods to get rid of this Snake of Death issue on Apple Watch.

Fix 1 – Charging Your Apple Watch

Charging your Apple Watch
Via Systempeaker

As the Apple Watch consumes battery to run its functions, when users don’t charge their devices or for some other reason the battery gets fully drained, such issues can then occur.

Fortunately, it is not something to worry about and users can solve the issue by simply putting their Apple Watches on charging till the snake of death screen disappears and Apple Watch starts to function normally.

Fix 2 – Check For Damage in Charging Cable

Using new Apple Watch charging wire

Apple Watches use magsafe charging for all of its models, yet it is quite possible to damage the cable easily as it faces wear and tear while using.

If the charging cable is damaged or not charging the watch properly, it can cause the battery to completely drain and cause such an error. Try using a different charger or purchasing a new one.

You can also opt for a replacement by Apple if your device is under warranty by visiting the nearest Apple store located in your region or contacting them online.

Fix 3 – Use Strong Power outlet

Many users try charging their Apple Watches through insufficient power outputs, which will restrict the charging capability of the Apple Watch. Try choosing a powerful power output like a wall switch or connecting to your laptop.

What Causes the Apple Watch Snake of Death?

The Apple Watch contains a small battery pack that is used to store electric charge and consume for the functionality of the watch, but when the battery is drained, watchOS is designed to store a small percentage of the battery to keep the software running.

Even if you see your Apple Watch is dead, it would still have some battery to preserve the time and date option to be displayed on your wrist.

If your watch is not charged even after it has drained its initial charging, then such a green snake of death may occur that may indicate total drainage of your Apple Watch’s battery.

Apple Watch battery can drain fully due to following reasons:

  1. Apple Watch not charged for several days

One of the drawbacks of smart watches these days is the fact that they need charging frequently, and if you forget or are unable to charge your Apple Watch for an extended period of time, it can result in total drainage of the battery.

  1. Apple Watch is Brand new and not Charged at all

Sometimes the Apple Watch is kept in a store for long periods of time and it causes the Watch to drain its battery. In such a case, it may show you the Snake screen even if you bought it brand new. Try charging your watch for a few hours and if the issue still continues then contact the store and try getting a replacement unit as it may be damaged.

  1. Battery of Apple Watch is Damaged due to Overheating

After extensive usage of Apple Watch in extreme weather conditions, the Apple Watch may get overheated, causing the battery to get damaged. If the above mentioned methods didn’t resolve your issue then try reaching out to the store and asking for a replacement, but for that you would have to pay if your device is out of warranty period.


Keeping your Apple Watch charged will prevent it from completely draining the battery and damages caused by it. Try using the optimal charging feature in the latest watchOS 9 to counter irregular charging habits that may overcharge your device.

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