AMD Valhalla leaked: The codename for their new Ryzen 3000 CPUs?!

AMD Ryzen 3000-series CPUs

It appears that Valhalla is the codename for AMD’s forthcoming Ryzen 3000-series CPUs. This has been discovered out of a BIOS update that’s coming through on an X470 motherboard, thanks to a Reddit user spikepwnz.

Reportedly, the processor settings has a section where the codename has changed from “Zen Common Options” to “Valhalla Common Options”. It looks like AMD might be renaming the Ryzen 3000-series from Zen to something new, which would be quite interesting at least on the platform level.

AMD Valhalla codename for Zen 2

This entry for Common Options starts at 0x1A2F7, and there are several Valhalla references across the CBS setup menu for the platform [check Pastebin]. CPU Complex or “CCX”, which is a term used by AMD to refer to its compute core die design, has also changed to “CCD”. Details reveal that you’ll have menu options to disable all but two cores.

AMD Zen 2 CPU Complex CCD

There are options that allow controls for up to eight CCDs in the BIOS menu, but that’s probably for AMD’s Epyc “Rome”server platform. Additionally, there is another set of entries with controls for up to four CCDs. These settings refer to AMD’s Zen 2 based Threadripper platform, with up to four chiplets.

The way AMD manages CCDs is also interesting. It disables them in a particular manner starting with CCD 0; 3; 1; 4; 2; 5; 6; and 7. We don’t yet know how this works in case of Rome, but it certainly can help identify how AMD prioritizes the chiplets.

In Norse mythology, Valhalla is the place of like afterlife where you’d go and live alongside the Aesir gods while waiting for Ragnarok to happen. I don’t know what that’s got to do with AMD’s next generation processors, but I’ll tell you what, it’s a bit different than what we have thus far.

We’ll see where this goes and whether or not we have a new naming scheme. AMD is rumored to have a July 7 launch date planned for the new 7nm Ryzen 3000 CPUs, potentially alongside the next-gen Navi GPUs.

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