Phenom II users rejoice! Destiny 2 PC Hotfix removes SSSE3 requirement

Destiny 2 PC hotfix for SSSE3 requirement issue

Bungie has rolled out the first patch for Destiny 2 PC. According to the company, the hotfix version removes the SSSE3 processor requirement from the game. This basically means that owners of non-SSSE3-enabled CPUs, including the AMD Phenom II, will be able to play the game without any issues.

Last week, we reported that Destiny 2 players on an AMD Phenom II CPU had been suffering from major crashing issues. Bungie stated to be working on the fix, but also noted: “Destiny 2 will not run on processors without Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSSE3).”

This led to the speculation that there might not be any patch in the works that could allow Phenom II users to play the game. The problem came as a surprise for affected players because the beta version still ran smoothly.

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Fortunately, Bungie has managed to resolve the issue. The developer wrote on its official Known Issues list:

As of 10 AM Oct. 30, Destiny 2 PC Hotfix was deployed, which removed this SSSE3 requirement. Players whose experience was previously impacted by this requirement, such as players on Phenom II, should try logging in again after taking this update.

Even with this fixed, the PC version is still plagued with a number of problems. Users of AMD Vega GPUs continue to experience crashes while playing the single player mission six, though Bungie says this should be resolved by downloading the latest Software Crimson Edition 17.10.3 driver. You can download the driver update here.

The team is also looking into reports of performance drops and hitches after playing “for extended periods of time.” If you encounter this, Bungie recommends closing and relaunching the game for a temporary fix.

The update shouldn’t interrupt whatever you were doing, as it will auto-download the next time you start the Destiny 2 client.

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