Here’s How You can Purchase an Xbox One X for Less Than $350

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Microsoft’s Xbox One X claims to feature all the cutting-edge hardware required to deliver 4K gaming, HDR support, and other visual upgrades. These features however come at a premium price of $500, and for many gamers, it’s just too much. Luckily, there is a method to purchase an Xbox One X for a mere $345, though there are some caveats.

The method is discovered by a Reddit user Calebd2. It works by making use of various reward and payback programs in order to reduce the overall cost of the console by $150. However, keep in mind that this method can take several days before you’re finally able to order the console. If you’re ready, here’s how it works:

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Purchase an Xbox One X for less than $350

First things first, you will need an Android-powered Samsung Galaxy device through which you can have access to Samsung Pay. The purpose is to purchase 10 $50 Xbox Gift cards. You get 20% off when done using Samsung Pay. This way you spend $400 to receive $500 in Xbox Credit. But wait, there is more to it.

You get $5 back on your first Samsung Pay purchase by using the code “REWARD”. Furthermore, if you’re using MasterCard for payment, you can avail the $10 Amazon Gift Card offer after purchasing three Xbox Gift Cards.

Next up, sign up on TopCashBack and then go through to the Microsoft Store from within TopCashback to purchase the Xbox. This will give you 8% cashback for the next few days, and 4% after that. Since Microsoft’s latest gaming console costs $499, that’s $40 in cashback.

To sum it up, you can purchase an Xbox One X with a discount of more than $150. That isn’t a bad deal is it? Have you tried this method out, and did it work for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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