AMD will reportedly announce 5 Ryzen SKUs on March 2

With AMD Ryzen launch only a few weeks away, the rumor mill is churning new stories every day. Today, a new report has hit the web which claims that there are actually 5 Ryzen SKUs which are scheduled to be unveiled on March 2.

5 AMD Ryzen SKUs Launching on March 2, Include 6-core Parts?

From what we’ve heard so far is that the Ryzen CPU is going to have multiple SKUs available. AMD has already confirmed this but they are not telling us what those SKUs are.

The new report regarding the AMD Ryzen SKUs comes via Canard PC Hardware which you might recall from leaked Ryzen benchmarks. The same folks, who are of course a reputable French publication, have now revealed a new piece of information regarding the Zen based SKUs.

In a reply to German blogger Dresdenboy, CPC Hardware said on Twitter that AMD is expected to announce five Ryzen SKUs in March.

These Ryzen SKUs are going to be two 8C/16T (with one known as the high-end and the other lower end version as usual), 6C/12T, 4C/8T, and 4C/4T processors. All the parts will be launched on March 2, the source claims.

AMD CCX Indivisible, No 6-core Ryzen Coming out

This however contradicts with a previous report from Zolkorn.com which claimed that there will be no 6C/12T Ryzen CPUs, but the 8-core, 8-thread chips with SMT disabled.

The reason behind why AMD won’t release a 6-core Ryzen is because the quad-core CCX (CPU complex) units that make up Ryzen processors are indivisible. Which means you can either get a full-blown eight-core parts, or quad-core parts with one CCX disabled. In other word, the likelihood of 6-core, 12-thread parts to happen seems slim.

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AMD will continue to sell the Ryzen-branded “Summit Ridge” family of processors in three distinct tiers: SR7, SR5 and SR3. The top-of-the-line SR7 could designate eight cores that will support up to 16 threads, while the entry-level SR3 could indicate quad-core parts.

As mentioned above, we’re not sure about the mid-range SR5 yet; it may either indicate the 6-core configuration, or eight cores minus SMT (multi-threading).

Whatsoever, all AMD Ryzen CPUs will feature unlocked multipliers, offering overclocking right of the box.

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