AMD’s 2018-2019 Roadmap: 12nm Pinnacle Ridge & 7nm Matisse CPUs Planned, all on AM4

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A new AMD CPU and APU roadmap for 2018-2019 has surfaced courtesy of Informatica Cero. The roadmap shows the Ryzen 2, codenamed Pinnacle Ridge, coming in 2018 followed by Ryzen 3 as Matisse in 2019. On the APU side, the company will introduce Raven Ridge and Picasso in the following years.

AMD recently announced that its next-gen Ryzen CPUs and Vega GPUs will use GlobalFoundries’ 12nm LP process. 12LP will begin production in the first quarter of 2018, offering more than 10% performance uplift over industry 16nm FinFET solutions.

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Pinnacle Ridge family of CPUs will come as part of AMD’s 12nm LP refresh. Based on the company’s current Summit Ridge architecture, Pinnacle Ridge will use the same AM4 socket as the existing Ryzen CPUs and will likely be branded as Ryzen 2000 processor series.

AMD Pinnacle Ridge and Matisse CPUs leaked

Next up, we’ll have Matisse CPUs planned for 2019. This processor lineup will be based on the Zen 2 CPU core built using the 7nm process technology. What’s more interesting is that Matisse will also be compatible with AM4 socket which means current Ryzen owners will be able to seamlessly upgrade two years later without having to purchasing new motherboards.

Moving to AMD’s next-gen APUs, the roadmap shows Raven Ridge coming in 2018. It features up to 4 Zen cores and 11 Vega compute units. If a previous leak is to be believed, Raven Ridge Ryzen 5 2500U is 36% faster than Bulldozer-based A12-9800 in single-core and 48% in multi-core performance. First Raven Ridge based notebooks are expected to debut in the holiday season this year.

AMD’s second generation Zen based APU will be called Picasso, which will offer significant gains in terms of power and performance. Both Raven Ridge and Pinnacle Ridge will be built on 12nm LP process and will also maintain compatibility with AM4 socket on the desktop.

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