AIDA64 update hints at Ryzen Gen 2 series CPUs, K18 ES out in the wild

AMD Ryzen Refresh launch

AIDA64 has done it again. Recently, the hardware diagnostic tool leaked a list of Intel 8th Gen mobile processors revealing the company could be working on a new Core i9 series CPUs for notebooks. This time it hints at the new unreleased processors from AMD. The latest AIDA64 beta update provides a clear indication that engineering samples for the Ryzen Gen 2 processors are already in the wild.

AIDA64 latest beta detects AMD Ryzen Gen 2 CPUs, Launching Early Next Year

The AIDA64 v5.95.4516 beta adds among other things “improved support for AMD K18 ES CPUs.” For those who don’t know, the current AMD Ryzen engineering samples were listed as K17 ES, confirming that the next generation Ryzen series of CPUs is well on its way. The update, however, doesn’t reveal exactly what the new CPUs are.

The samples of the first-gen Ryzen processors feature codenames apart from the already assigned model numbers. The codename would contain references to the CPU specs, such as basic and turbo clocks, TDP, as well as indicate the development status and whether it’s a desktop or mobile SKU.

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AMD Ryzen Gen 2: Decoding AMD codenames

We may see the same codename scheme again, but it’s also possible that AMD decides to only use models numbers with “ES” suffix this time around. After all, neither the brand name Ryzen nor the naming scheme need to be kept secret anymore.

AMD CEO Lisa Su has already confirmed that the second generation Ryzen “Pinnacle Ridge” CPUs will be built on 12LP FinFET instead of the existing 14nm process. They will be using tweaked Zen cores offering increased clock speeds and better energy efficiency.

The Ryzen Gen 2 CPUs could be branded as 2000 series, though some reports suggest AMD might rather use 1×50 series. I believe it will likely go with the former, considering the Raven Ridge mobile APUs are already using the 2000 series nomenclature.

The unveil is expected to take place early next year, along with a refresh line of 400 series chipset-based motherboards. AMD will maintain compatibility with the existing AM4 platform.

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