Intel Unveils 6 new Low-power Gemini Lake chips for Mobile and Desktop

Intel Gemini Lake Pentium and Celeron CPUs

Intel’s first Gemini Lake based processors are here. The lineup includes six entry-level chips, three aimed at desktops and three aimed at notebooks. The new models not only offer significant performance boost over the previous generation, but they also introduce features that will only be available in the high-end market segment with Cannon Lake.

Intel Gemini Lake Based Pentium Silver and Celeron Lineup for 2018

Intel Gemini Lake succeeds the company’s Apollo Lake processors, which launched last year. The platform is based on the new 14nm Goldmont Plus core, bringing more cache and faster memory.

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Intel Apollo Lake vs Gemini Lake

With Gemini Lake, Intel has also adopted a new naming convention that could help differentiate between the cheaper, low-power Atom processors and higher performance Core variants. Now an Atom-based Pentium is called Pentium Silver, while the one based on the Core architecture is called Pentium Gold.

In case of a Celeron however, you will still have to look at the model number to tell whether it’s Core-based or not. It goes something like this:

  • Pentium Gold = Cheaper version of an Intel Core chip
  • Pentium Silver = High-performance cousin of an Atom chip
  • Celeron G = Even cheaper Core
  • Celeron N or J-series = The new Atom

Intel Gemini Lake Desktop (J) and Mobile (N) Chips

Pentium Silver J500SCeleron J4105Celeron J4005Pentium Silver N5000Celeron N4100Celeron N4000
Process node14nm14nm14nm14nm14nm14nm
Base speed1.50GHz1.50GHz2.00GHz1.10GHz1.10GHz1.10GHz
Maximum speed2.80GHz2.50GHz2.70GHz2.70GHz2.40GHz2.60GHz
GraphicsUHD Graphics 605UHD Graphics 600UHD Graphics 600UHD Graphics 605UHD Graphics 600UHD Graphics 600
Min Graphics speed250MHz250MHz250MHz200MHz200MHz200MHz
Max graphics speed800MHz750MHz700MHz750MHz700MHz650MHz
Power use10 watts10 watts10 watts6 watts6 watts6 watts
Memory type supportDDR4 2,400MHz

LPDDR4 2,400MHz
DDR4 2,400MHz

LPDDR4 2,400MHz
DDR4 2,400MHz

LPDDR4 2,400MHz
DDR4 2,400MHz

LPDDR4 2,400MHz
DDR4 2,400MHz

LPDDR4 2,400MHz
DDR4 2,400MHz

LPDDR4 2,400MHz
Max memory support8GB (4GB x 2)8GB (4GB x 2)8GB (4GB x 2)8GB (4GB x 2)8GB (4GB x 2)8GB (4GB x 2)

Note that the CPU and graphics speeds mentioned above, are all max speeds available on those respective processors.

Further, all Gemini Lake chips now support Gigabit WiFi (802.11ac 2×2 connections with 160 MHz channels). They also feature a new Local Adaptive Contrast Enhancement technology that will adjust the screen’s contrast and brightness so you can better view the content outdoors.

Intel says a Gemini Lake powered device with a 35 Wh battery should be able to get you up to 10 hours of playback on an HD video. You can expect OEMs to showcase these devices at the CES 2018 technology expo in early January.

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