Ryzen 1.55GHz bug: CPU stuck beyond 200mV, Here’s a quick Fix

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A lot of people have reported facing an elusive Ryzen 1.55GHz bug, which arises once the VCore offset exceeds 200mV. The YouTuber Buildzoid validated this reproducible glitch on his Gigabyte Gaming K5 motherboard paired with the latest batch non-X R7 1700. Right now, there is no way to fix it, but a simple workaround is to avoid higher offset (or not OC).

What basically happens is that your CPU gets stuck at 1.55GHz when the VCore offset goes beyond 200mV, which sure breaks the clock controller. A number of users over at Reddit reported suffering the same issue. A user with the handle Man_With_Arrow wrote:

I’m experiencing this bug as well.

New (manufactured August of this year) R7 1700.

Gigabyte Gaming-3.

Triggers at +.120

This sucks, because I lucked out with a golden chip. Even at these settings, it can run 4.1Ghz bench and booted into 4.3. I really, really hope it’s not a hardware issue, I’ve already RMA’d my launch-day 1700 for the segfault bug… I certainly don’t want to do that again.

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Another Redditor u/Staas reported experiencing this 1.55GHz bug on their Ryzen 5 1600, explaining:

I had this problem on my R5 1600/B350 Tomahawk. The bug would occur when I would touch ANYTHING to do with clock speed or CPU voltage, no matter how large or small. Overclocking with Ryzen Master works fine though.

Ryzen 1.55GHz bug - Fix on Gigabyte AX370-Gaming K5 motherboard

In case of Buildzoid, he started facing issues when trying to overclock his Ryzen 7 1700 on the Gigabyte AORUS GA-AX370-Gaming K5 motherboard. At +200mV, the system booted every time in stuck at 1.55GHz.

He decided to lower the offset voltage, and bam, the Ryzen 1.55GHz bug will just go away. He was able to hit 3.1GHz OC, but do understand that you can’t run that high an overclock until a proper patch comes in.

It seems that the new revision of Ryzen CPUs have broken the automatic clock management in relation to high voltage so it’s likely an AMD side of issue not the board vendors. Moreover, the X-series SKUs should be fine with generally lower voltage offsets.

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