Nvidia to launch Next-Gen Turing GPU in March… For Miners?

Nvidia Turing GPU in March?

Recently, rumors surfaced suggesting that Nvidia will soon announce an Ampere architecture for its next generation of graphics card. Well, today we have another codename, and this time coming from a more credible source. According to Reuters, team green is preparing to launch a brand-new Nvidia Turing GPU next month.

Does this mean that there was actually no Ampere graphics but Turing, or they are going to be two different GPUs entirely. Well at the moment, we don’t know at the moment.

Nvidia Turing GPU planned for launch in March, According to Reuters

Rumors about Nvidia Ampere started making rounds last week. It was speculated that Volta will not make it to the consumer market, instead the new Ampere GA104 GPU will be powering the upcoming GeForce 20 series cards. That said, the story is based on an unsubstantiated rumour, so should be taken with a million grains of salt.

This new report from Reuters puts things into an interesting fray of rumor. It states that Nvidia is going to launch a brand-new Turing GPU in March, probably at their coming GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose, California CA.

For those who don’t know, the codename Turing refers to Alan Turing, a British mathematician who is widely considered to be the father of theoretical computer science. He is best known for his part in breaking the German Enigma code during the Second World War. He is also the person behind the idea of a ‘Universal Machine’, a hypothetical device that could stimulate any algorithm in 20th century mathematics.

Back to the Nvidia Turing, there could be two possibilities for this GPU to see the day of light. First, the previous rumors were wrong and there is actually no existence of any Ampere architecture, but Turing. Or, they could both co-exist: meaning, the next-gen Nvidia architecture comes in two flavors, namely Ampere and Turing.

Nvidia Turing GPU for mining rumored
Image Credits: Relu G.

The second scenario is exciting, as there’s been speculation about the company working on a cryptocurrency focused product. Turing could actually be the mining variant of the new GPU from Nvidia. This makes sense considering Alan Turing was a renowned cryptographer.

With that said, there is no official word on either Ampere or Turing GPU. At this point, we can only wait for what Nvidia has to say at the GTC 2018, which runs from March 26-29.

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