Intel Roadmap confirms 8th-Gen Coffee Lake-S CPUs will Launch in August

Intel Coffee Lake 6-core CPU specs, performance, release date

Intel’s 2017-2018 roadmap has surfaced which reveals launch window of the 8th generation Coffee Lake-S desktop processors. The lineup will see the introduction of the company’s first mainstream 6-core CPUs.

At Computex 2017, Intel unveiled the new Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X CPUs with up to 18 cores. Alongside the big news, the company also talked about the performance gains of its 8th-gen Core processors, code named Coffee Lake.

Intel Coffee Lake is originally planned for the second half of this year, but recently a report emerged online suggesting the next-gen processors have been delayed until 2018 – which isn’t exactly accurate.

How do we know? Intel held a partner event in Asia on May 23rd where it showcased a CPU roadmap. A screenshot of that roadmap made it to the web shortly after, but remained largely unseen.

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Intel roadmap not only confirms the Computex reveal date of its X299 platform and Core X-series processors, but also the launch window for other desktop CPUs.

Intel 2017-2018 roadmap - Coffee Lake-S 6-core launch in August

In the roadmap, you can clearly see that Intel’s Coffee Lake-S is scheduled to debut in August / September this year. The new K-series desktop processors will include quad-core and 6-core chips with TDP ratings of 65 and 95 watts. Coffee Lake will be accompanied by Intel’s new Z370 chipset.

In early 2018, Intel will release more Coffee Lake-S chips. These will include 2, 4 and 6-core parts rated at 35, 65 and 95 watts.

The 6-core Coffee Lake chips will be the first of their kind from Intel, in the mainstream desktop market. Up until now, CPUs with more than four cores were only found in the enthusiastic desktop lineup, and were accordingly expensive.

Intel’s 8th-gen core processors will be based on the same architecture as the current Kaby Lake chips, but would use a refined iteration of the 14nm process. This should result in higher clock speeds and better overall performance.

Intel Coffee Lake-S processors will compete with AMD’s Ryzen 5 series which was surveyed to be the best received CPU launch in nearly a decade. In terms of pricing, you can hope the increased competition from AMD will push Intel not to price its flagship six-core CPUs higher than the current $350 price point.

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