How to Fix the Diablo 4 Fury Against Fate Barricade Bug

Fury Against Fate bug in Diablo 4 - Easy Fix

As a long-time Diablo player, nothing irritates me more than hitting game-breaking bugs while trying to progress through the latest installment. The Fury Against Fate quest in Diablo 4 has one such notoriously frustrating bug tied to the Barricade objective that can completely halt your progress. But never fear, I’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into how to fix this barricade bug and get back to slaying demons!

Understanding The Fury Against Fate Barricade Bug

First, let’s talk about the bug itself. Diablo 4’s barricades are a common annoyance, popping up along roads and slowing down our epic adventures. But the real problem arises when these barricades become unbreakable, preventing us from progressing in the Fury Against Fate side quest.

I remember the first time I encountered this bug. I was deep into the game, fully immersed in the world of Diablo 4, when I came across this seemingly indestructible barricade. No matter how many times I attacked, the barricade’s health meter wouldn’t budge. I was stuck, unable to progress in the side quest. Frustrating, right?

The Fix: A Community Effort

Thankfully, the Diablo 4 community is full of resourceful gamers who’ve found a workaround for this bug. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Switch to Windowed or Borderless Window Mode: First, ensure your game is in windowed or borderless window mode. This seems to help with the bug for some reason.
  2. Set Background FPS to 1: Next, set the minimum background FPS (frames per second) to 1. This slows down the game’s background processes, which seems to help with the bug.
  3. Relog Outside the Cave: Log out of the game outside of the cave where the bug occurs, then log back in.
  4. Click on the Cave Entrance and Tab Out: Click on the cave entrance, then tab out of the game and wait until everything fully reloads at 1 FPS.
  5. Speak to the NPC and Tab Out Again: Speak to the non-player character (NPC) associated with the quest, then tab out again. Wait until they start shouting, then continue with the quest.

This method works for PC users. For console users, try the following:

  1. Abandon the Quest: First, abandon the Fury Against Fate quest.
  2. Set a Load of Stuff Downloading/Streaming: Start downloading or streaming content on your console and other devices. This increases your ping, which seems to help with the bug.
  3. Log In Again and Pick Up the Quest: Log back into the game, pick up the Fury Against Fate quest again, and continue on.

Final Thoughts

It’s unclear why these methods work, but hey, we gamers know that sometimes you just have to roll with the weirdness. I remember when I first tried these methods, I was skeptical. But to my surprise, they worked! I was able to progress in the Fury Against Fate quest and continue my Diablo 4 adventure.

Remember, bugs like these are part of the gaming experience. They can be frustrating, but they also bring us together as a community as we work to find solutions. So next time you encounter a bug, don’t get discouraged. Instead, see it as a challenge to overcome and an opportunity to engage with your fellow gamers.

Happy gaming, everyone!

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