AMD RX Vega benchmark puts It 21% Faster than Titan Xp, But It’s Probably Fake

AMD RX Vega custom models - BIOS release schedule

A purported AMD RX Vega benchmark has surfaced which shows its performance compared against Nvidia’s flagship graphics cards.

The leaked Vega benchmark uses DOOM running at 4K with Ultra settings and TSSAA [8TX]. You can see that Vega GPU boasts an average frame rate that is 25 FPS, or 21 percent, faster than the Titan Xp. When compared to the GTX 1080, Vega comes on top with a whopping lead of 129 percent.

AMD RX Vega benchmark vs Nvidia Titan Xp - Fake?

It’s worth to point out that DOOM in low-level Vulkan API tends to favor AMD cards, but despite this, the figures remain impressive. If this RX Vega benchmark is legit, Nvidia could be facing a stiff competition from AMD in the enthusiastic graphics market.

Unfortunately, the benchmark is almost certainly fake. It actually originated a couple of weeks back and was “confirmed” to be a fake but then yesterday, it started to gain momentum again.

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I didn’t want to give this RX Vega benchmark any attention, but seeing it popping up on various tech sites I thought to make things clear for you.

AMD hasn’t confirmed any RX Vega benchmark yet, in fact the company has been holding back on any solid numbers. Even during Computex last month, when they showed off the Prey 4K demo there was no frame rate indicator.

Prey was running on dual RX Vega graphics cards, and as such, a lot of people started wondering what was the point of showcasing this demo.

AMD’s Radeon boss Raja Koduri later took to Twitter and revealed that the Prey demo was running over 60 FPS. He further noted that Vega isn’t yet optimised for the game so it didn’t make sense to give any performance impressions.

At Computex, AMD unveiled its first Vega based card, the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition, that is targeted at the professional graphics market. The company was also expected to reveal the consumer version of the GPU at the event, but CEO Lisa Su said RX Vega won’t be announced until SIGGRAPH at the end of July.

There is still no word on the official release date – though speculation says it will be sometime in Q3 2017.

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